Austria: Interreligious Breakfast


“Don’t be a spectator of history, but be its host.” Rev. Sun Myung Moon

“Every difficult situation that you manage to master is spared from your future.” Dalai Lama


By Maria Pammer

FFWPU and UPF Upper Austria hosted an interreligious breakfast for the second time this year on April 22, 2017 in Linz Austria. This time, the impulse talks were given on the topic:

“What can religions contribute in solving the problems of our age?”

Mr. Heinz Krcek, theologian and the initiator of the interreligious breakfast meetings which have taken place over the last years, prepared four questions on the topic, which provided a framework for the discussion. The rich buffet was prepared by the Peham family and the morning’s programme was guided by Bogdan Pammer as MC.

The discussion was joined not only by woman bishop, Christine Mayr- Lumetzberger, and a representative of World Conscious Pact from Peru, but an interesting exchange between generations also took place. Out of the 30 participants, two thirds were young people from Upper Austria, Vienna and Styria, as a seminar on “Life and Blessing” for young adults also took place on the day.

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