Austria: International Day of Families 2017


By Elisabeth Cook, UPF Austria

On May 14th 2017 the International Day of Families was celebrated at Vienna Unification Headquarters by UPF, WFWPU and the Family Federation. The topic given by the United Nations this year was “Families, education and well-being”

Three speakers spoke about the family: Mrs. Szlezak from the Society of the Spiritualists, Mag. Xiaoyan Wang and Peter Haider from the Universal Peace Federation.

American Native Indian Elder Reuben Silverbird made the beginning with an Indian Blessing melody on the flute.

After words of True Father’s autobiography about the peace- building value of intercultural families, Mrs. Szlezak who herself is part on an intercultural family – she is from Brazil and her husband from Austria, and together they have raised four boys in Austria- shared her thoughts about mothers’ love, as at the same day Mother’s Day was celebrated in Austria.

The second speaker was Mag. Xiaoyan Wang from the Austrian Chinese community who also is married to an Austrian. She explained about the Chinese family system and values, specially about the Chinese so called “Tiger mothers” who do everything to make their children successful.

The third speaker was Peter Haider who shared his experiences of a Blessed family in raising their children. He highlighted the four realms of heart which the family members experience while growing up in a loving family.

Finally, an “Ambassador of Peace” award was given to a UPF member, and the celebration was closed with a prayer of Blessing.

The “Vienna Peace Choir” contributed with songs, creating a beautiful atmosphere. More than 200 persons participated, among them many Ambassadors of Peace and leaders of NGOs.

We could feel heaven’s blessing on this day and we felt very grateful to heavenly Parent and True Parents.

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