Australia: Faith and Finance Seminar for the Youth


Prepared by FFWPU Australia

On the weekend of the 29th & 30th of April 2017, a group of 16 Melbourne youth gathered at Belgrave in the Youth Room for a Faith and Finance Workshop.

This was the second time this event has been held in Victoria, this time the content being delivered by Klaus Hartmann and Ritatsu Thomas. Both have developed a well-informed understanding of many aspects of finance through their own extensive research and experience.

The speakers spent a long time providing detailed background knowledge to this field, including the history of money and banking as well as explaining finance specific terms. Through this, all who participated had a good foundation upon which to further understand topics such as debt management, budgeting, saving, investing, creating businesses and real estate. Participants were encouraged to consider their own financial planning for the future, including in a couple or family context.

The Faith aspect to the event focused on giving back. It was highlighted that it is not only a religious notion that when you are able to give, you are able to gain more in return. Participants were encouraged to think of how they can practice this. Additionally, the ideas of ‘wealth’ and ‘being rich’ were analyzed, concluding that the person and their motivation and actions with this wealth, determines its true value.

There was also a big emphasis on self-development and how this can help achieve success. This includes goal setting and creating routines and lifestyles that promote productivity and positivity.

Both speakers were very open to questions and spent time listening to participants and helping with advice where they could. They were also available for one-on-one discussions, which could allow people to ask questions specific to their own situation.

The overall feedback from participants was that it was a highly engaging and encouraging event. It was extremely informative, with many young people learning a wide variety of new and significant concepts, which they agreed will be beneficial for the future.

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