Albania: Special Witnessing

by Lubin Argjir, FFWPU Albania

We had a blessed family from Austria visiting our center in von Vlora (Mr. Wolfgang Czerny with his three children and daughter in law). And they stayed with us for 10 days. During this period, Mr. Wolfgang Czerny also spoke at our Sunday service. He shared about his testimony on life of faith and the absolute attendance toward True Parents.

During the week, all members of this family did witnessing intensively. Each of them in their unique way, wanted to contribute to our center and at the same time, experience witnessing in Albania. It was a very special and emotional to see their guests visiting our center. As the result we decided to organize a one-day workshop so that the new guests could study about True Parents’ teaching.

We had 30 participants out of which 15 where new guest. This young guest where the focus of this workshop which started attending the center regularly. At this workshop we focus on the first chapter of the divine principle “the principle of creation” only.

We felt a very high atmosphere, even though the guests were new coming to our center for the first time. All of them had deep communication with the staff members.

“You are the fruit of history the center of this age and an ancestor of the future”. Sun Myung Moon

Being inspired by this workshop we had an open Sunday service, so that all the new guests also could participate.

On April 15, 2017 we asked Mr. Wolfgang again to speak on our open Sunday service with 30 participants. This time, He spoke about his personal spiritual experiences with the spirit world, with the titled “Let our light shine.” hIn his sermon, he emphasized that we should be careful about what we listen to, what we look at and what we say, which determines our spirit shine or not.

It was very interesting to see that after the service the members and the guest where willing to have a personal deeper conversation with Mr. Wolfgang.

We felt really grateful for the love, care and the wisdom we could gain from this family.


Siva: it is really a great fortune meeting such family and a person who had a personal experiences with true parents. When you see that wonderful family you can feel that Gods love is always present there and each one of us must work to have a heart filled with love compassion and sincerity.

Zenjel: I could see, how a family looks like in the Cheon Il Gook nation.

Endrit: I could realize the value of a blessed family and the greatness such family has and I could get an inspiration from a person that can live with True Parents.

Mariola: this week the atmosphere in our center was special because we one of most amazing family that I have seen in my life. I felt the resemblance of God’s love. I was very impressed by their way of communication with each other and also with us and with every guest.

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  1. colin cairns says:

    Witnessing is the answer. When True Father came to my dream three times in one night two years ago, He asked me to love and serve people. and now, I am doing this through Witnessing as I am meeting amazing people. GOD,our Heavenly Parent and True Parents know our situation. New Zealand is not an easy country to witness in, because the people here have everything, but i believe GOD has prepared people in every nation.

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