Prepared by CARP Albania

130 young people from Albania and Kosovo gathered in our Workshop Center nearby the capital city of Tirana from 21st to 23rd of April to take part in CARP workshop. Inspired from True Father’s vision for young people, we decided to entitle this workshop “FIND THE PURPOSE – CHANGE YOUR LIFE”.

The workshop was characterized by youth’s enthusiasm and energy, specially noticed during songs.

To make this workshop fruitful for members and also for guests, we continued following GLOBAL TOP GUN workshop as a model. The participants were divided into 2 big clans, each of them had 5 families.

An important part of the workshop were these lectures: Introduction of CARP, My Value, Conflict and its Solution, Team work, Communication, Friendship and Family and Find the purpose – Change your Life.

The lectures were theory combined with practice: 45 minutes lecture and 20 minutes interactive work.

The most enthusiastic part of the workshop was “Sports Festival” organized by CARP Elbasan. Fun and challenges could be done only through team work, and that made the participants even more united with each other and a friendly atmosphere was created.

This workshop was not only for new guests but also an inspiration for members to work even harder for realizing and fulfilling True Parents’ vision.

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