Albania: Family Festival and Cosmic Blessing Ceremony


Prepared by FFWPU Albania

Of all the different kinds of activities and ceremonies that True Parents established, the most beautiful and sacred one is the Blessing Ceremony, in which people change their blood lineage from Satan’s to God’s dominion. At the same time however, the challenges are the highest, especially for married couples to determine to make this change in their married life. But once they come to this moment, the joy they experience is of the highest degree.

Such atmosphere was created at our Family Festival and Cosmic Blessing Ceremony, which took place on May 14th, 2017 at the Tirana International Hotel. Even though over 70 couples were prepared and had confirmed to come, finally 30 married couples attended the blessing, and 230 others joined in this special event, including married couples who were blessed before, Ambassadors for Peace, WFWP members, Blessed Families and CARP members.

We had the privilege to have as officiators of the Holy Blessing, True Parents Special Emissaries for Europe Dr. No Hi Pak and Dr. Lan Young Moon who really radiated True Parents spirit fully to the audience.

The MCs of the event was one of the eldest Albanian Blessed Couple, Sokol & Suzana Rexhepi, who guided very nicely all the participants through the whole program.

During the last 3 weeks, all communities were focused and worked hard on preparing couples for the blessing. Some of the couples who received the blessing were Ambassadors for Peace who attended recently a 4-day Divine Principle workshop, and their comments were “It was much more beautiful than we expected”.

Many other people came as spectators for first time, and they were so amazed by the atmosphere and determined to join the next Blessing Ceremony.

We had two congratulatory messages, one from Prof. Dr. Shezai Rrokaj, the Chairman of National Peace Council of UPF Albania who is a well-known and respected public figure on national level, and Mr. Gaqo Apostoli, the Chairman of UPF Albania who gave a heartfelt message for all blessing participants and greeted them with two beautiful songs.

This time we had wonderful performances prepared with devotion from STF Europe, Japanese and Korea CIG Missionaries, UPA Missionaries, Albanian Members, and a very nice couple professionals, who performed very beautiful Albanian songs. So, we can say that this was a really wonderful Family Festival!

All members invested with all their whole hearts to fulfill perfectly their responsibility to make this ceremony a moment of joy, love, unity, and peace.

True Parent’s love was flowing like a wave touching each participant’s heart!

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