USA: High Noon Summit Inspires ACLC Prayer Breakfast


by Susan Munsell, Los Angeles ACLC Co-Chair

On Saturday, May 6, 2017, the sermon at the Los Angeles ACLC Prayer Breakfast at Christian Light MBC brought everyone present into unity with a timely message central to Christianity: the dangers of pornography. Based on Jesus’s words in Matthew 5:28 (“whoever looks at a woman with lustful intent has already committed adultery with her in his heart”) pornography is a serious problem for the Christian church. However, too often it is a problem that no one in the church wants to openly discuss and deal with.

The keynote speakers for the prayer breakfast were Los Angeles Family Church youth pastors Michael and Sarah Holmes. After attending the High Noon Summit, themed “Creating a Culture of Sexual Integrity,” from April 7-9, 2017 at the International Peace Education Center in Las Vegas, they expressed that they feel called to take a stand against the issue of pornography. It is an issue that is seriously impacting many individuals, couples, and families in the United States and around the world.

Michael and Sarah shared from their hearts information and insights they heard from an impressive array of guest speakers at the summit, which included Mike Leahy from Braveheart Mentoring Solutions for Sexual Integrity, Sam Black from Covenant Eyes, Dawn Hawkins from the National Center on Sexual Exploitation and Clay Olsen from Fight the New Drug.

Michael emphasized the heightened danger of the technological age we live in, where porn is easily accessible on smartphones, Facebook, Snapchat, computers, TV, etc. At the end of his talk, he handed out a valuable fact sheet with resources and real solutions for clergy when dealing with pornography and the family conflict surrounding it.

Sarah testified to the strength of standing daily on the word of God, developing a real relationship with a God of love that leaves no shadow and a life at “High Noon” where you have nothing to hide from God or others.

Rev. Mark Tengan, Los Angeles ACLC Co-Chair, emphasized the importance of having an accountability partner when struggling to overcome pornography. An accountability partner or mentor is someone you can trust who will help you stay on track and guide your journey away from porn and toward healthy sexuality. Pornography becomes an addiction and can totally undermine an individual’s relationship with God and one’s self-worth, leading to a serious destruction and breakdown of trust in the family and with others.

After their constructive sharing and hopeful message, Michael and Sarah Holmes both received Ambassador for Peace appointments along with Suh Mabo, a member of the LA Family Church Choir who is also always ready to volunteer and be of service to the community.

In conclusion, Pastor Godfrey Waswa from the New Destiny Christian Center called on the Holy Spirit in heartfelt prayer to lead us in redemption and the defeat of the Satanic and the demonic influence that pornography has over individuals, our families and our entire society.

In an amazingly profound way, as the prayer breakfast progressed and as we confronted this difficult issue head-on, a divine presence of happiness, peace, tranquility, and resolution filled the atmosphere.


  • The prayer breakfast was a beautiful event and well attended. The High Noon event had a tremendous effect on people and it was so refreshing to hear the young couple speak on integrity. It is important that we reach more clergy and more young people can hear this message! – Nicholas Benson, Los Angeles ACLC Co-Chair/ Senior Pastor of First Summit Evangelical Church
  • We were so happy to host this event because it was about a subject that really needs to be discussed! I truly enjoyed the young married couple and how they spoke on a marriage centered on God’s love and not the world’s standard of love. We need to reach more young people to hear this important information. We would love to host another event in the future. –Bishop & First Lady Peggy Briggs, Christian Light MBC
  • I was blessed tremendously at the ACLC Prayer Breakfast. The fellowship was awesome! I was very excited to hear the youth speakers explain how they are listening to God and allowing God to lead them as they teach on sexuality. It is a touchy subject that we need to bring to light in order to get us back to God’s original plan for us. -Rev. Grover Durham, Good Citizen Deeds Foundation

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