A Strategic Boost for a Key Nation


by FFWPU Albania

We were blessed to have True Parents’ Special Emissaries for Europe, Dr. Pak and Dr. Moon (from 10th to 17th of May), and Secretary General of UPF Europe, Mr. Jacques Marion (from 16th to 19th) visiting Albania and Kosovo.

The main purpose of Dr. Pak and Dr. Moons’ visit to Albania was to officiate the Cosmic Blessing Ceremony which took place on May 14th. However, on the 11th of May they travelled to Korca city were a beautiful event took place. 100 high school students of the city had read True Father’s Autobiography book “As a Peace-Loving Global Citizen” and created essays based on it and on 11th of May was the final event to select the best essays. In a beautiful event of 300 people, Dr. Pak gave the congratulatory message on behalf of True Parents.

Then on the next day, May 12th, they met with family members in Korca city and also met the director of Muslim high school who offered the hall for the event.

On the way back to Tirana they met with Elbasan Community family members. In each meeting members could feel the love and care of True Mother shared so naturally by Dr. Pak and Dr. Moon. Whenever they met with members they wanted to share food with everyone, therefore pizza and cola was offered to everyone at the end of the meetings.

Then on May 14th they officiated the Cosmic Blessing Ceremony in Tirana International Hotel in the main hall with an audience of around 300 people where 30 couples received the blessing.

On May 15th they visited the WS site where STF was holding a seminar for STF members and talked to them for a couple of hours, while on the evening met with Tirana family members. On May 16th, besides meeting young members of New Tirana community, on the evening together with Mr. Marion they met with few Members of Parliament who visited Korea last World Summit in February.

On May 17th, before departing to airport, Dr. Pak and Mr. Marion met with President Moisiu to discuss about the coming Balkan Level Conference in September 2017 in Kosovo.

On May 18th, Mr. Marion visited Fier City where a Peace Road event took place on local level. It is the third year that Peace Road is taking place in the city and Cuity Hall and police were cooperating.

On May 19th, early morning Mr. Marion traveled to Kosovo together with the Chairman of UPF Albania Mr. Apostoli. The purpose of the visit in Kosovo was to prepare for the September Conference. Even though the political situation in Kosovo was quite tense, since there will be general elections on June 11th and all political leaders were totally involved in the campaign, because of the investment of our members there and of our close Ambassadors for Peace, we could have a day full of important meetings.

We met important VIPs in Kosovo including Hon. Jakup Krasniqi, Former Chairman of Parliament and also Former President of Kosovo, who also attended the World Summit last February in Korea.

The meetings continued with the Archbishop of Catholic Church of Kosovo at the Cathedral of Pristina followed by another meeting at the Islam Community of Kosovo welcomed by the Secretary General. The meetings with religious leaders were very warm and Mr. Marion had the chance to share True Parents’ vision of interreligious cooperation and harmony as key to world peace.

Later on, we had a heartfelt meeting with members of Kosovo Peace Council where Mr. Marion shared about the upcoming conference and asked everybody’s input. The last meeting of the day was with Former President of Kosovo H. E. Fatmir Sejdiu, a very close AfP and good supporter of Universal Peace Federation who gave precious advices about the conference. It was a very intensive schedule, especially for Mr. Marion, but a very successful one we would say.

We are grateful to Dr. Pak, Dr. Moon and Mr. Marion for their visit in Albania and Kosovo and their great support and love they bring every time they come. We pray we can increase our efforts and devotion and together we can bring great victories for Heavenly Parent and True Parents. MANSEI!

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