USA: Interfaith Service Celebrates True Parents’ Anniversary


by Jermaine Bishop Jr., ACLC

What a beautiful day it was here at the Los Angeles Family Church on Sunday, April 9, 2017. Honored guests from the American Clergy Leadership Conference (ACLC) LA Chapter attended the Los Angeles Family Church Sunday Service to help raise the roof  in song and prayer in anticipation of the wedding anniversary of our beloved True Parents.

“If someone fell into the ocean, you would search for him in the ocean. If another person was lost in the forest, you would look for him in that forest. Understanding this, we must go back to a time before sin was introduced, the origin point,” explained Rev. Juan Morales as he addressed the congregation.

​In a beautifully orated sermon, Rev. Juan spoke of the significance of being born again through the Holy Spirit as Jesus has asked of us long ago. The message began with speculating what would have been possible had Adam and Eve carried out their responsibilities according to the will of God. It then progressed into what was lost due to the fact that they had not done so. In closing, Rev. Juan explained that the only way we can reclaim what was lost is by going back to the place of origin through rebirth.

​Immediately following the closing prayer, the congregation was given time to pray, reflect, and share about their takeaways from the message.

Afterwards, Dr. Nicholas Benson of ACLC took to the stage to offer a heartfelt introduction for Rev. Bruce Grodner, our newly appointed Executive Director of ACLC. Rev. Grodner provided a personal testimony and reflection on his recent meetings with the ACLC board of directors, who together discussed where we stand and what is ahead of us. As a leader of ACLC, and a filial follower of True Parents, he strongly believes in bringing the Blessing into the Christian communities across America with a heart of attending and learning from them just as much as we desire to teach them.

On behalf of the Los Angeles Family Church, a huge thank you to Dr. Benson, Dr. Milsap, Mrs. Magdalene Morris, and the entire Sadoc community. The LA family spirit is raised to new heights whenever you are here to commune with us as one big family.

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