Togo: Blessed Family Workshops

Prepared FFWPU Togo

On April 8 to 9, 2017, we held a blessed family workshop at the headquarter of Families Federation for World Peace and unification Togo. The objective was to help the Blessed Families of Togo to understand True Parent’s’ work worldwide their heart of emergency of the in the fulfillment of the vision 2020. We had 51 participants. The same seminar was organized for the blessed families of the Agbelouvé’s center located about sixty kilometers from Lomé on April 16, 2017 and at this workshop we had eleven participants.

It was an opportunity to give a report about the West African Leaders ‘Assembly in Cotonou, Benin and the African Leaders’ Assembly in Lusaka, Zambia. During this seminar participants divided in groups, to experience team work for different topics such as: “Strategies for creating happy families” or “strategies for successful testimony.”

At the end of the workshop, each group defined their strategies for testimonies and resolved to implement them in order to increase the number of members in order to positively influence the nation. The seminar ended on Sunday evening with a football match. The members left with a sense of urgency for the national restoration and the commitment to move providence in Togo.

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