Togo: An Introduction to Character Education


Prepared by FFWPU Togo

FFWPU Togo in collaboration with YFWP and WFWP Togo organized a character education seminar for students and teachers of a high school (SACRE-CŒUR) on March 29, 2017 with 184 participants and for another school (LE JOURDIN) on April 5th, 2017 with 160 participants.

The theme for these seminars was “Attitudes and Behavior for Success”. The objective of these conferences was to introduce character education program as a foundation for the pure love campaign which we hope to conduct in these schools.

We strongly believe that the pure love club will serve as a framework for the education of young people who will become future candidates for blessing and future leaders.

Students were positively affected by the lectures and wished to be part of the pure love club that will be set up soon. Teachers agreed to support us by passing the name lists in each classrooms to find those students who are interested.

Teachers were impressed by the content of the lecture which was an advice for students on their path to deal with their daily problems. The headmaster of the LE JOURDIN complex asked us to return for giving the the same lecture to the 1st and final students as well.

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