Introducing True parents through the Internet & Social Media


In an interview, Rev. Wolfgang Schawaller speaks about his cyber ministry through Internet & Social Media (Facebook & Twitter) – Vienna, Austria, April 2017

Rev. Wolfgang Schawaller has joined the Unification Church in 1974 in Germany. Just one year later, in 1975 he was sent by True Father to his first Mission country. He was active as a missionary in fourteen countries, such as India, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Russia and the Philippines. He was blessed with Brigitte in 1982. They have four children together and live in Vienna, Austria. During the recent years Wolfgang has explored new ways of witnessing through the internet and he discovered the incredible potential of social media in the proclamation of True Parents Words. Peter Zoehrer has interviewed Rev. Schawaller in the FFWPU – HQ in Vienna, so he can share his new passion and his extraordinary and timely message to the wider Unification community in Europe and beyond. This Interview can be reprinted and/or published for members of the FFWPU only (it is not permitted for external publications)!

Wolfgang Schawaller:

Peter Zoehrer:


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