Spain: The Interreligious Gatherings and Actions as the Driving Forces for Social Peace


By Marcia de Abreu, UPF Spain

On Saturday, April 1st, UPF and WFWP Spain held the 5th and last session of the Cycle of Conferences: The Cornerstones for Peace. This time the topic was “The Interreligious Gathering and Action as the driving forces for social peace”.

UPF and WFWP Spain worked hand in hand preparing a program that seemed central and significant for the work of building world peace. More than 80 people gathered together on this occasion.

The program consisted of two parts. The morning segment was dedicated to two round tables. The speakers made presentations on the importance of interreligious sharing and exchange and of interreligious past and future actions as the incentive for bringing peace in society.

We have enjoyed listening to persons who have wide interreligious experience such as Pablo D’Ors, Catholic priest; Enrique Sanchez Motos, Unificationist; Alejandro Delgado, Islam researcher; Luis Morente, Legal Advisor for the Spanish Budist Federation; Yael Cobano,

President of the Jewish Reformed Community in Madrid; Pilar Yuste, from the European Christian Women Ecumenical Forum.

It was also inspiring to listen to the participants when, after sharing with their table mates, they could report to the larger group about their discussion on the topics. There was total unanimity with respect to the inexistence of interreligious dialogue in our society presently. They could also make proposals for different types of interreligious actions in the future.

After this first part of the program, participants went on to enjoy a delicious meal prepared and served by La Biotika, a vegetarian restaurant.

Rocío López, Director of “Fundación Pluralismo y Convivencia” from the Public-sector state and depending of Ministry of Justice, offered us some opening and inspiring words for this second part of the day.

For the second part representatives of several religion traditions invited us to experience their mantras, songs, dances and prayers: Sihkism, Budism, Islam, Judaism, Christianism, and Hinduism.

We rejoice for having been able to promote this interreligious gathering in which the desire of all in the room that all religions, no matter their beliefs, be a driving force for harmony and action for the good in society, became patent.

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