Spain: Spirituality Workshops – Interreligious Series


By Silvia Torres, UPF Ronda Barcelona

On February 8th, 2017, we had a talk about Swani Dayananda Saraswati, given by Deepti Galani. She graduated in India in Economics and English Literature, arrived in Barcelona in 1991 and since then has taken part in several courses in private companies, governmental and non-governmental institutions to expand the learning acquired in her country.

She currently works as an intercultural trainer and consultant, and specializes in business protocol in India. She also conducts Indian cultural tours in Barcelona, teaches Vedic maths, Hindi and Indian culture in general, and has been involved in workshops dealing with gender issues in her country.

Swami Dayananda Saraswati, a prominent Hindu religious leader and Vedic scholar, was the first Indian to express his right to freedom from India by the British government in 1876. A highly intelligent and rational personality was far ahead of his time. He was a firm believer in the Vedic tradition and denounced the worship of idols and rituals that were wide spread during his time. A scholar in the Vedic and Sanskrit tradition a spired to separate the Indians from meaningless rituals and guided them to true Vedic ideologies. click to watch

On March 8th, 2017, we had a talk about the Sufism of Mawiana Rumi, a mystique of listening, given by Halil Barcena, an Islamologist, a specialist in Sufimysticism.

Mawlânâ Rûmî, (1207-1273) Sufi poet and sage, constitutes one of the tops of spirituality not already Islamic but universal. Inspiring the Sufi school of the whirling dervishes known for their circular dance, Rûmîis the author of a vast poetic work in the Persian language that derives from the joy of the unitive experience with God. Through the centuries, it has had a significant influence in Persian, Urdu and Turkish literature; the importance of Rumi transcends the purely national and ethnic. His words contain a deep and inspiring spirituality.

Halil Barcena, (Santander, 1962) is an Islamologist, a specialist in Sufimysticism. He has studied Islamic and Arabic philology in different Arab countries. Formed in Turkish musicology in Istanbul, he is an interpreter of Ney (Suficane flute). He has published Sufis Pearls. Knowledge and taste of Mevlânâ Rûmî (2015). In addition, he is co-author, with Marià Corbi, of Jesus of Nazareth, the myth and the wise (2010). His latest book, Historias de Nasrudín (2015), won the Serra d’Or Critical Prize for Children’s Literature, 2016. click to watch


By Stefan Campillo Espacio Ronda Madrid

First lecture:

Vikrampal Singh: Bachelor in Economic and Business Sciences, Black Belt of Karate 3rd dan, Professor of the Pontifical University of Comillas (1990-2014), Yoga teacher Kundalini, Sungazing (Solar Yoga according to Hira Ratan Manek), trained in personal development and Systemic therapy, formed in Social Triformation and Anthroposophy, Gong Master Training.

“The first time I heard a Gong I shivered, it was an intense sensation, its sound entered through each pore of my skin and soon its power dragged me towards the rotating force of the cosmos, the sound of the OM or AUM enveloped me. The Gong makes the door into the invisible visible. ” Vikrampal Singh

Second lecture: A conference by Yael Cobano, president of the Jewish Reform Community of Madrid.

Yael Cobano was born in North Africa, in a small multicultural city that has marked her future. Degree in Law, master’s degree in information analysis and studies in international conflict management. Both in Spain and in Europe and the United States, she has been -and continues-learning in various fields of Jewish studies, such as traditional texts, liturgy, community construction and culture, especially literature. She is a founding member and President of the Jewish Reform Community of Madrid, a young and committed community, which she represents in Jewish, European and world organizations.

“When I went with Martin Luther King in Selma, Alabama, I felt my legs praying,” Abraham Joshua Heschel.

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