Spain: Lecture on Life after Death

Prepared by FFWPU Spain

We had three communities, and in this year, we have been thinking to go to other cities in Spain, especially the cities where our members come from. We choose the city of Leon, which is 3 hours and half from Madrid, where families and relatives of our members are living.

We rented a room in a hotel to organize a lecture about life after death, on March 24, 2017. Days before that, members distributed leaflets in the city to announce the lecture, and we also advertised in a local newspaper.

It was a big surprise for us that at the time of the conference, the room was totally full. We had 60 guests and 4 members. Most of the participants listened very attentively. At the time of questions and answers, some of the participants spoke about their own spiritual experiences as well. All the participants were very happy saying that it was very interesting for them, and they were asking when are you coming again?

Our members were very surprised by the very positive response in this city, and so we determined to continue such events.

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