Romania: Purity Education Program

Prepared by CARP Romania

On February 12, 2017, we organized Purity Education Event. The purpose of this event is to give a chance for young people to think about future family and give education ‘how to prepare for it’. This time the subject was ‘Family Q and A – time to put all the curiosity’ So many young people are confused about the value of sexuality. They don’t have someone to answer their questions. They receive confused information from mass media. In this program, we wanted to give them a chance to ask questions and try to find the answers. It was for the first time to organize in this way. We were worried until we saw the participants enjoyed it.

This program started with introducing each other. We separated boys and girls in order to be free and comfortable to ask questions. We organized one board game and each time when they stop there were some questions or information about sexuality. We showed some movies about relationship between husband and wife or about pregnancy. All the participants were very curious about these issues and they were asking many questions during the program. It was a meaningful time for all the participants to put all the curiosity in here and get right answers!

We wish this program can bring a new wave of True Love for Romanian young people and help them to create ideal families in the future. Thank you so much Heavenly Parent and True Parents!

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