Romania: Hoondok Reading and Movie Evening


Prepared by CARP Romania

We organized the weekly HoonDokHae meeting in our Peace Center in Bucharest on March 3rd, 2017. This week we watched the movie “Have a little faith” which is based on the book with the same name written by Mitch Albom. The movie and the book presents how the author got back in touch with his faith. On this journey, he is helped by his Rabi form childhood and a former drugs dealer that found God and became a Christian pastor.

This is a story about believing in something and the two very different men who taught me how. It took a long time to write. It took me to churches and synagogues, to the suburbs and the city, to the “us” versus “them” that divides faith around the world. And finally, it took me home, to a sanctuary filled with people, to a casket made of pine, to a pulpit that was empty.” – Mitch Albom

After the movie, we sit together and everybody said what was his favorite part of the movie or answered to the question “what is your glory?”, a question that appeared in movie and refers to what is valuable in your life. Many people liked from the movie that people from different faiths (Jewish and Christian, in this case) could work together. Also, many of our gest said for them is important to try to do their best and family is an important aspect of their life.

We hope that our guest got inspired from this movie and they will search more and will be more open to the relationship with Heavenly Parent.

Thank you so much Heavenly Parent and True Parents!

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