“Portugal Will Do It!” Workshop


By Sergio Vieira, FFWPU Potugal

On April 2, 2017, we took advantage of the national celebration of the Holy True Parents Day, and despite the goal being at least 1 day of workshop on heavenly Tribal Messiahship, due to logistical difficulties and other more suitable heights, we decided to do only half a day of workshop. So, all members of our Lisbon community were advised (in the Northern Porto community it will be done in another time), and an attached survey related to the tribal videos was sent and I created a specific content program, which I called “Portugal Will Do It “.

Beginning with the 1st conference, still in the morning and just after the celebration, the topics on these contents were chosen between videos presenting goals of this type of WS; Camberg workshop summary and pictures (Dieter Schmitt); True Mother`s video “True Parents ‘Speech at the Special Gathering to Celebrate the Beginning of the New Year-Year of the Red Rooster”; topics on a speech by Sun Jim Nim in the Cheon Il Guk Leaders’ Assembly “Towards National Restoration”; the Power Point “How to Witness in a New Paradigm” – Martine Masner; Topics on True Father’s Heartistic and Loving Leadership (Autobiography); Power Point on Business and Leadership (Century 21-Assertive Leadership); Power Point CARP 2nd Gen. vision on Leadership “Building Capacity, Not Dependency experiences in Growing Leaders”-Yebuny Hanna – ESGD).

The goal with each of these areas of teaching was to understand how each one of them want to teach us about our attitude of Leadership, Heart and Love should be, in this new age with Heavenly Parent and True Parents (ie, in relation to all kinds of Leadership we should adopt to be the best in leadership (Parent`s Heart), on our own Tribe Conscience, Freedom, Independent and Responsible).

In the afternoon, after a shared lunch, we then started the sampler session, having arranged the seats with groups of 5 to 6 members, totaling about 30 members participating. Early on starting, the Bridgeport surveys were distributed, completed, and returned for further analysis of results (I will send you later on).

The sessions then followed between following the content, group discussions and after some group shifts to the audience, and we ended with key Power Point topics on “National Restoration of Cheon Il Guk” -Tyler Hendricks; Questions and answers and Group Photo.

There were very interesting issues and discussions debated in the groups and with the audience, so that it became something dynamic and that satisfied everyone present, having found some that should it be more time and/or that we should repeat this model more times and some of them showed motivated to do witnessing again in this new way paradigm. Given that the time was very short, this workshop focused only on the most important topics for an overview of Heavenly Tribal Messiahship, without being able to ascertain individual/family, trinity, tribal and national goals (this last, traced already by our NL with the Iberian region in Prague).

Therefore, as National Witnessing Coordinator, It will be my task, as previously agreed with our NL, to work and coordinate with the heads/responsible of each organization, including the NL, responsible for the national FFWPU, to combine strategies, ideas, activities in Divine Principle Workshops, in/out passive/active witnessing programs, events and spiritual conditions, whose purpose is to energize and advance our national Witnessing in terms of recruiting New Members, Candidates for Blessing, Heavenly Tribal Messiah (Trinity and active tribe groups), revitalizing and motivating existing members, and also trying on the way to recover those members who have gave up because of horizontal conflicts and/or due to their lost spirit and/or faith.

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