Portugal: HARP Workshop


By Sergio Neto, FFWPU Portugal

or three days from April 8 to 10 there was another meeting of our young Harp. This workshop had the theme “God, I and the Creation”.

All the lectures and programs have been focused on how we can realize our Heavenly Parent’s great love and investment from the beginning of creation to this day and, how we can perceive our purpose and our unique value. Everything that exists in creation, as our True Parents are teaching us, has a purpose and we have to learn how we should interact with the creation and our fellow beings.

Being Easter, we reflect on the work and death of Jesus. We felt the importance of our True Parents and their mission in our days as we celebrate Easter.

In addition to the lectures, we had group discussion centered on two documentaries we watched. “Fingerprints of God – Fibonacci Sequence” which gave us a perspective of God’s presence in the perfection of creation. The other documentary was about “Water Crystals” that after analyzed showed that our thoughts, and words influences them. Human being are two third made of water. It was easy to conclude that either we want our bodies to suffer or not with the world we are in and therefore it is important to create good words and beautiful feelings through HoonDokHwe.

We finished our workshop with a visit to our nation’s largest aquarium “Lisbon Oceanarium” offered by the National Headquarter. Once again God surrounded us with beauty, truth and love, when we saw so much diversity of aquatic plants and animals.

Seventeen young harpies participated in the WS and a few parents joined to help with food preparations, take care of the little ones and contribute to the lectures.

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