Peru: Forum for UN Mother Earth Day


Prepared by UPF Peru

UPF Peru celebrated the UN International Day of Mother Earth by holding a forum in the Lima headquarters of the UPF. The meeting was co-sponsored by the WFWP and the Great Universal Brotherhood (Gran Fraternidad Universal)

The meeting room was filled to overflowing with 150 guests attending.

Keynote speakers included Peruvian Diplomat Ambassador Juan Alvarez Vita who shared about his experience of visiting 44 countries in his mission and how he collected earth from each nation and brought it back to Peru, finally using it to plant a tree commemorating his work in one of the parks in Lima (see attached video)

Mr. Carlos Alberto Yrigoyen Forno former diplomat and member of the Gran Fraternidad spoke about the importance of living in harmony with nature and our relationship with the earth.

Ambiental Engineer Christian Contreras Otiniano, shared his scientific understanding of the environmental changes that are happening now, with a special emphasis on the floods that have happened recently in Peru. (one minute silence was held for those who lost homes during this time)

A poem commemorating Mother Earth Day written by Dr. T. Ashok Chakravarthy, International Poet and Vice Chair, Global Harmony Association, INDIA was translated into Spanish and read out. Then a musical interlude was presented by Javier y Ninfa.“Natural Sano”.

We also had 6 new Ambassadors for Peace who received their certificate at the event..

Sr. David Ruiz Cuya, President of the Gran Fraternidad Universal, Sra. Luz Mejía Coordinator of Women’s Federation, and Dr. Trevor E. Jones, President of UPF Peru concluded the meeting by giving their reflections about the day.

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