Nepal: 21 Day Divine Principle Seminar

Prepared by FFWPU Nepal

Our 144th Batch of 21-Day Divine Principle Seminar and Life style training began on March 29, 2017, in our training center in Kathmandu with participation of 40 young dynamic students from 11 District nationwide.

At the opening ceremony President of FFWPU-Nepal, Rev. Santosh Kumar Paudel spoke to participants under the title “Educating Youths to become Public Minded & live for the sake of others.” He said in his message, you young people are the hope of our nation to build a lasting peace and prosperity and you are creating a bridge of love to break down the walls and the boundaries between our races and our ethnicity. He continued saying Father and Mother Moon, lived their entire life for the sake of others and for the salvation of Humankind, and we must learn from them on how to serve people.

During the opening ceremony, the NTC Director Mr. Rupsingh Bhandari spoke to participants gave explaination about the importance of the 21-Day seminar. This was followed by an introduction to Tong Il Moo-Do by the instructor.

Every morning the participants are doing the Tong Il Moo-Do training before their Divine Principle class and they will undergo formula course such as Fundraising and witnessing. The community service also is part of their program.

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