Middle East Leader’s Assembly 2017


Prepared by FFWPU Middle East

On April 14-19, The Regional President of the Middle East Region called for a Special Assembly of all the Leaders of our region with the theme, Reviving the Middle East by proclaiming our True Parents. We were extremely fortunate that Director Yong, Jin Hun from Mission Support Dept. of International Headquarters was sent by our True Mother with the expressed wish that he can share her love and concern. During the recent CIG Leader’s meeting, we were told that True Mother had given direction to the Staff of International HQ to go out to the regions, now we could see the tremendous fruit of that direction and feel the incredible love of our True Parents.

The venue was a picturesque resort on the coast of the Black Sea in northern Turkey. After an inspirational HDK and a brisk walk by the seaside we began our program. The first MC, Hod Ben Zvi, the National Leader of Israel, started with an important statement about our program, “A special gift from God to help us break-through in the region.”

To set the atmosphere of openness and unity we started with introducing each other to Director Yong. We listened to the stories of the great sacrifice that has been invested into the providence of the Middle East.

We started with the Providence of Salvation to send the Messiah. We learned about the pattern that must be followed in restoration and were reminded that it is our mission to follow the model that has been set by history and by our True Parents. We were constantly reminded that it is our destiny to inherit God’s image and live with God as a Blessed Family.

We studied about the role of True Parents and how God worked in history to create the foundation for sending them. Also, we learned from history about the mistakes and how most of us are like Noah’s Family but our goal is to resemble Abraham’s family. During the lectures, Director Yong helped us to understand that this model from history is for us to inherit and follow and he helped us to see our families in a deeper sense. History became real to us and we could also understand that we had a long way to go before we could say we were “restored”.

Then we listened to True Parents’ Life course in a deeper sense to understand the incredible suffering and pain that our True Parents went through to be able to say that the indemnity course was completed.

On the second day, we started with Our True Parent’s Holy Wedding and True Mother’s Perfection. We then went through the details of how True Mother fulfilled all the eight stages of restoration until she and True Father could stand as the True Parents of all Humankind. What a great victory we have as a model for us to follow.

In conclusion, he explained to us the Responsibility of Blessed Couples fulfilling the course of re-creation. This is no longer the course of indemnity but the course of re-creation and we must become owner and become True Parents ourselves. He also helped us to understand the Tribal Messiahship is a blessing to help us to fulfill our course of re-creation more quickly.

Because we were at such a beautiful place on the coast of the Black Sea we also took some time to enjoy the fresh air and environment. We played games on the beach and played games indoors, followed by a lively game of Yute. This was a chance for us to change the atmosphere and experience each other in a different light. We laughed and shouted and challenged each other expressing ourselves with no limits.

On the third day, we had a special HDK to remember the ascended missionaries and National Messiah’s of the Middle East. After all the years of the providence, some of the dedicated heroes of the Middle East have gone to the spiritual world. We wanted to appreciate them publically and ask for their continued support and protection. We are proud of those that have gone before us and will never forget their sacrifice.


Then it was time to give the reports from the region with the help of our MC, David Fraser Harris, General Secretary for UPF Middle East. Director Yong listened intently and gave us timely and precise advice on how to work in the region. He advised that we should not just do events and activities but through these programs we need to restore God’s children. He said, “Heavenly Tribal Messiah is not witnessing. HTM is living for my object to develop myself and become perfect. The purpose is to love people and to make them perfect and to help them to resemble God and then we can resemble God also. We cannot just make numbers we should truly love people and make God’s children. If we truly love people than the number will increase naturally.”

As a result, we decide to hold a Top Gun Workshop in the Middle East and invite 33 Second Generation from Japan and Korea. This would be a good beginning to start a witnessing campaign in the Middle East and revival our membership. We also made many other plans for launching of IAPP, Ambassador for Peace Education, Educational Programs, UN Days and UPF Forums.

But most of all we all were revived and understood that our mission is not to do programs and activities. We realized that we substantially need to become God’s children ourselves, expand our families to be God’s families and share this blessing with the world. This is the only way we could truly bring Peace to the Middle East.

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