International Café in Giessen: A Family from Syria express their Gratitude


By Rosemarie Leja, UPF Germany

UPF Giessen held its first International Cafe of 2017 on 26 March 26, 2017. This event had a very personal touch; a family from Syria introduced themselves. The father, Hassan Mescho who had been a lawyer in his homeland, set off in 2013 on an adventurous and arduous journey.

After travelling through the Balkans, he finally reached Germany where he applied for refugee status. Eventually he was joined by his wife and four children. The whole family attended courses in German language and integration. Mr. Mescho is now employed as a taxi driver and his son will soon start studying at the Technical University. The whole family is very grateful to be here and expressed this in the following words:

‘We have never experienced such friendliness and helpfulness as we have here in Germany. We have experienced much that we did not have, or never knew, in our own country. For this, I wish, also in the name of my family, to express my gratitude. We all have the goal of becoming quickly integrated into this free and beautiful culture.’

It was clear that the report stimulated great interest and sympathy from the audience, who had many questions to ask. Lively discussion continued over coffee and cake.

The energetic young Syrians in the audience then offered to practice dances from their country with all who wished. This was great fun and brought a very lively touch. This afternoon showed concretely how successful integration can be of enormous benefit to all.

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