FFWPU International President Sun Jin Moon Speaks at International Filipino Family Association in Korea (IFFAKOR) Event

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By Julian Gray, FFWPU International

Family Federation international president Sun Jin Moon and her husband In Sup Nim spoke today, Saturday April 22, to 650 Filipino leaders and blessed wives, plus some forty members from the international community, at an assembly of the “International Filipino Family Association in Korea.”

The event was preceded by some 45 minutes of enthusiastic singing led by excellent singers from among the Filipina community. Sun Jin Nim and In Sup Nim spoke directly to the hearts of the assembled members.

Sun Jin Nim began the session with a beautiful hoondok reading from True Father’s words, in which Father emphasized that religion is not an end in itself, but exists for the sake of love and peace. Father emphasized that continuous education is necessary for instilling a consciousness of peace, and that the first point is to know God—His existence, heart and ideal; that religions must cease to fight for their own honor; they must put aside hate-filled struggle, and instead lead humanity into the ideal world.

Over the ensuing hour or more, Sun Jin Nim answered, at length, a dozen questions on issues such as how best witness about True Parents, how to create good families, and how to deal with challenges faced by the movement. Sun Jin Nim’s message was characterized by her heartfelt emphasis on us all becoming beacons of peace and love and working to bring those qualities within our families and communities. She emphasized that we should have the heart to embrace in love those who have stepped away from our community and even those who are critical of it. She exhorted everyone to work as a community and support each other in overcoming difficulties we encounter in our families and those that confront us in common as a movement.

Sun Jin Nim said that while trying to protect our precious second generation from the things that are wrong in this imperfect world, we need to be the models that inspire the next generation for the future.  She explained that it takes time and hard work to reach perfection in love but that we should nonetheless continue in our daily effort. We need to have hearts that are open in forgiveness, grace and compassion, and that is the way to defend True Parents and become owners of their heart.

In answer to a question about “the secret of In Sup Nim’s love for Sun Jin Nim,” In Sup Nim himself took the microphone. He confirmed his deep love for Sun Jin Nim and his admiration for her courageous support for True Mother and her public work. He also expressed his love for the True Family and emphasized the very difficult courses the True Children had passed through. Although he admitted had felt judgment in his heart at times in his younger days, he explained that once he become part of True Parents’ family he recognized the extreme challenges all the family members had faced. His heartfelt request to all present was that we become the vehicles of healing, and thanked everyone for being champions of love.

After she had concluded her answers, Sun Jin Nim led the audience in a “Crown of Glory” meditation which was to help each person overcome difficult feelings towards anyone that we might hold them for, by opening our hearts and minds up to God’s healing light and love. This was a time when the Holy Spirit touched many hearts.

Many of those who attended expressed how moved they had been to listen to Sun Jin Nim’s and In Sup Nim’s many expressions of genuine warmth and love for the assembled members, plus their very solid guidance. That our International President took the time to come and share her hearts was deeply appreciated by the audience members.

In concluding the meeting, Sun Jin Nim reminded us all that we must take time to notice the gifts we have been given, including the brothers and sisters we have in our communities. She thanked everyone for their lives of dedication to support True Parents.

She and In Sup Nim then held a lottery to give gifts of silk scarves to seven lucky sisters, and she personally tied the scarves around each of their necks and gave each sister a deep hug. Then as a final flourish and expression of love, they gave out doughnuts to representatives of each region, following which they departed to long applause and cheers.

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3 Responses

  1. Leilani says:

    The event yesterday was full of memories as SJN conveyed TPs heart and an eye opener for everyone to understand the True family’s situation. We received so much love and grace and went home with hope and inspiration for the remaining tast we need to fulfill before 2020

  2. Korpo Zeze says:

    Today program was very wonderful thanks to Heavenly parents and True parents for their endless blessings towards us every day

  3. McCarthy G. Teayah says:

    Thanks for inspiring us today with your peace loving message of healing. May you always be the source of inspiration to this generation and generations to come.

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