International Association of Parliamentarians for Peace Launched in India


By Krishna Adhikari, UPF-India

From April 6 to 8, 2017, UPF India in collaboration with the North-East MPs Forum of Parliament of India organized a special peace conference to inaugurate the International Association of Parliamentarians for Peace in India. On April 7th a special session of Inaugural Conference was held at the Main Committee Room of Parliament House Annexe at the Parliament of India. Prof. P. J. Kurian, Deputy Chairman of Upper House of India delivered the inaugural address on behalf of Hon’ble Vice President of India who is also the Chairman of the Upper House of Parliament. The Founders’ Address representing the Founder of IAPP, Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon was delivered by WFWP-International President Prof. Yeon Ah Moon.

In the program, the welcoming address was delivered by Chairman of UPF-India Amb. K. V. Rajan, the IAPP Introductory speech was delivered by UPF-International President Dr. Thomas G. Walsh. Special introductory speech to the Founder of IAPP was delivered by Chairman of UPF-Aisa Dr. Chung Sik Yong. Among the other speakers, Hon. Dr. Jitendra Singh, Minister of Prime Minister’s Office was represented by Hon. R. Ramakrishna, Member of Parliament (Rajya Sabha) from the ruling party of India and similarly IAPP- International Co-Chair and Five Times Speaker of the House of Representatives of Philippines Hon. Jose de Venecia, Jr , Hon. Shiv Raj Patil, Former Speaker, Union Minister and Governor of India, Hon. Ek Nath Dhakal, Former Minister of Nepal and IAPP-Asia Co-Chair spoke during the inaugural session. During the inaugural conference IAPP India Board Members were conferred the Certificate of Appointment by the UPF International President and IAPP- International Co-Chari. At the end of inaugural session Hon. Bhubaneswar Kalita as the Chairman of IAPP-India delivered the closing remarks and Hon. Vijay Holly, Ex, Assembly Member of Delhi delivered the vote of thanks and Mr. Krishna Adhikari, Secretary General of UPF India served as the Master of the Ceremony of the inaugural conference.

Following the inaugural session as special session was held on the theme of the conference “Addressing the Critical Challenges of our Time: The Role of Governments, Civil Society, and Faith-Based Organizations”. This special session was moderated by Mrs. Ursula McLackland, Secretary General of UPF-Asia and speakers were Dr. Robert S. Kittel. President, International Association of Youth and Students for Peace, Hon. Jayant Chand, Member of Parliament, India, Hon. Dr. Mohd Hatta Bin Md Ramli, Member of Parliament, Malaysia, Hon. Leopoldo Nalupa Bataoil, Congressman, House of Representatives, Philippines, Hon. Farouk Muhammad, Vice Chairman, Regional Representatives Council, Indonesian, Hon. Sanjay Jaiswal, Member of Parliament (Lok Sabha) Hon. Geetha Kothapali, Member of Parliament Lok Sabha).

The numbers of VIPs attending the various programs that was reported at the Victory Celebration on April 8th morning were:

  • MPs from Asia: 20 MPs from 18 nations
  • MPs from India attending the Opening Banquet (April 6) = 40+
  • MPs from India attending the IAPP inauguration at the Parliament House Annexe = 70+
  • Ex-MPs from India attending the IAPP inauguration = 7
  • Foreign Missions (Diplomatic Missions) attending = 20 (including N. Korea)
  • Diplomats and State Legislatures that were blocked by security because they didn’t bring proper ID were “so many”
  • MPs from India attending the Closing Banquet = 14

As the highlight of the Inaugural Conference of IAPP India, a special courtesy call on was extended by the President of India His Excellency Pranab Mukherjee at the Presidential Palace of India and special session was conducted at the Palace with IAPP India delegation. Where IAPP India Chairman, IAPP-International Co-Chari and UPF International President delivered special remarks to describe the founding purpose of IAPP.

After the successful inauguration IAPP – India a special Review Meeting was held at the Residence of Hon’ble Bhubaneswar Kalita, Member of Parliament and Chairman of IAPP-India. All present in the meeting shared their experiences during the conference. Hon. Kalita said, in his 30 years of life in Parliament he had no experiences of such event being held in the parliament of India through the effort of an NGO. Same was said of even the Chief Guest the Deputy Chairman of Upper House during his speech at the program who represented Hon’ble Vice President of India to inaugurate the IAPP-India.

All the five Members of Parliament of India as the IAPP-India Board Member, UPF-Chairman, FFWPU-India National Leader and Organizers unanimously applauded and deeply appreciated the great support from Mother Moon, Founder of UPF & IAPP for giving us this great vision of the establishment of IAPP and for her unconditional support to organize the IAPP-India Inaugural Conference. Meeting also jointly thanked Dr. Walsh, Dr. Yong and all Asia Staffs for their whole-hearted support to organize this conference in India. At last, meeting resolved the followings:

  1. UPF will design a special page of IAPP in the website of UPF India (but unfortunately I don’t have UPF-India webpage itself and hope we will be able to have one soon.)
  2. IAPP-India will drive the campaign for enrolling the membership of only most interested MPs to become the IAPP Member and will be educated about their responsibilities for fulfilling the vision of IAPP.
  3. Meeting also decided not plan big and do just a little instead it is agreed that we plan small and achieve big. So, as the continuation of the IAPP activities in India, Hon. MPs decided that they will engage in planning and organizing at least one peace program every month or in every two month. Programs such as: interaction program, seminars or workshop type educational program to promote awareness for world peace.

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