Zambia: Graduation Ceremony for the Participants of 21-Day Workshop


by Jean Augustin Ghomsi, FFWPU Eastern Africa Region

Lusaka, Zambia: 41 youths from 8 districts of Zambia are taking part in a 21-Day workshop from March 9 to March 29, 2017. Most of them had taken part in a 7-Day workshop and/or 10-Day workshop that was organized earlier in November and have been receiving a training in the youth centers in preparation for this workshop.

The Closing Ceremony took place on March 29 from 5:00 PM. Rev. Bakary Camara, East Africa Regional President, could not be there due to the preparation for the Extraordinary African Leaders’ Assembly.

Rev. David Isaac Phiri as MC welcomed everyone and after two Holy Songs, asked Mrs. Katrina Ghomsi to offer the report prayer to Heaven. He then invited three participants to offer their testimonies. The first to testify was Ms. Elizabeth Tembo. She said, “I really enjoyed the workshop so much that I benefit a lot from it and I will never be the same. I am a changed person. I didn’t know that I had original sin and that the messiah will be born on earth. Thank God that I have discovered. I have no doubt that Father and Mother Moon are True Parents, the Messiah and returning Lord. I am looking forward to be a Blessing candidate. Please come to our church and teach this truth. I really humble myself before the Heavenly Parent, True Parents and all those who took care of us.”

For Hantic Kalaba, he was happy to have learned more about True Parents’ Life Course and how they suffered a lot in jails for the sake of fallen humanity. “I am happy to have met True Parents. I would like to be a missionary in Mansa,” he said.

Further, Ignatius Mufimba, “The workshop has been fruitful. I enjoyed all the activities.” He said he has attended many workshops in his life but this one about the Divine Principle is “unique and the best.” “Father and Mother Moon are my True Parents and I am happy to have started to follow them,” he said.

Rev. Jean Augustin Ghomsi, Regional Director of Witnessing and Education as manager of the workshop told the graduates, “You are now at the end of the 21-Day but the real workshop starts from today when you go out of here. There Satan agents out there waiting to welcome you and make sure you don’t respect your promise to the Heavenly Father and True Parents. Please be wise like serpents and humble like doves and you will overcome all the temptations.” He told them through resisting temptations, they will show their love for God and True Parents and pray that they will all be attending the upcoming Blessing workshop.

The National Leader of Zambia, Rev. Rudolf Faerber, told the graduates that he is very proud of them and looking forward to working with them. He said, “Thanks to you, there is hope for Zambia. Please do your best to be a new generation of patriots who can offer this nation to God.”

At the end all those most suited will be selected and sent 3 by 3 to the different centers to replace most of the 16 current youth missionaries who have done their one year mobilization and are going to University. Those studying in Zambia will join CARP and work in their respective campus.

All the 41 participants are Blessing candidates and at least 21 of them will be full-time missionaries for one year at least. The rest will be staying home but help the missionaries every day in witnessing, Divine Principle lecturing and fundraising.

There is a plan for a 43-Day workshop for all the Blessing candidates.

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