Germany: Easter Workshop 2017


By Dominique Claus and Josephine Jensen, FFWPU Germany

Knowing your destination. Letting others help you get up on your feet. Taking your first steps on your own. Falling, standing up and continuing to walk.

This year’s Easter HARP Workshop was held under the motto “I can go the distance”, which took place in Bad Camberg from the 11th to 17th of April, 2017 with ages of the 44 participants ranging from 12 to 21.

During the Workshop the participants listened to lectures from Ulrich Tuente and Christian Haubold based on Divine Principle. Both lecturers involved the participants a lot, which gave them the opportunity to think more deeply about the content and understand it for themselves.

The activities were especially focused on finding our potential and learning about trust in God, in others and ourselves. Trusting meant showing vulnerability, being honest with each other and learning how to properly deal with failure. Experiencing this led to the Workshop participants bonding very deeply with each other.

Though every day was very confronting it was a joyful journey. We could feel the joy of discovering, accepting and opening ourselves up. We could find hope and strength in understanding what we honestly and earnestly want in our lives – in understanding that the life we truly want to live is exactly the life God wants us to live and therefore a life we are capable of living.

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