France: Heavenly Tribal Messiah Workshop

Prepared by FFWPU France

On March 25, 2017, twenty-two members came together at the French training center for a “Ensemble, créons notre tribu!” (Together, let us create our tribes!) workshop.

Rather than focusing on the recent ‘Europe can do it’ workshop, which would mean squeezing two days of content into one day, they decided to speak of the main points of that workshop and to add reports and testimonies of other tribal messiahs that have had success. Hisako Moulinet presented the method that Mrs. Hiraki developed in Los Angeles (One on one).

A report was also shared on David and Patricia Earle’s testimony during the recent European Assembly in Prague. A key point David raised was seeing our relationship with our family and friends as a long voyage that we are embarking on together. Getting them to the Blessing is just one step on the voyage. We need to continue this voyage together helping them, educating them and encouraging them. The Blessing is a big step but we must take care of them after.

Kathrin Plane, Hanna Lotterie and David Perry, who participated in the ‘Europe can do it’ workshop, spoke of the trinity system as a means for couples to work together. An individual couple has often gone as far as they can with their family and friends and feels blocked, not knowing how to take things further. But a trinity of couples working together brings in different ideas, a new way of looking at things and opens a channel for more spiritual support.

We hope to see trinities forming soon and they will also organize other similar workshops for other communities soon.

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