First “African Union Summit” of Leaders in Zambia

by Fabrice Djimadoum, FFWPU West  Africa

The Extraordinary Africa Assembly was held from April 1-3, 2017, at Intercontinental Hotel, Lusaka in Zambia under the theme: “African Leaders for the Victory of Vision 2020 and the Realization of Cheon IL Guk”. More than 150 participants attended. Among the participants were the UPF International President, Dr. Thomas G. Walsh, the Special Emissary for West Africa and UPF Africa Chairperson, Mrs. Kathy Rigney, West and East Africa Regional Presidents, Special envoys for Presidents, Vice Presidents, and Secretary Generals from different providential organizations. There were also regional and National Directors of Blessed Family, Education and Witnessing and Youth Departments were in attendance.

The summit was the first of its kind for all the leaders in Africa. They had the opportunity to discuss on how to best restore each nation; they shared success stories and ideas on how to work effectively towards the realization of vision 2020.

The summit was graced by the special delegation from FFWPU International Headquarters who came to Zambia on behalf of True mother, Rev. Cho Sung Il, Director General, Dr. Yun Young Ho, Secretary General of FFWPU and Mr. Syunook Suk, office of World Mission Strategic.

In the first day and in the opening ceremony of the summit on April 1, the performance through songs, dancing, Poem, etc. from beginning of the event up to the end was given by youth missionaries. The youth missionaries surprised the participants with their unique dance and singing talents.

Afterwards, participants sang in unison the Cheon Il Guk Anthem followed by Family Pledge and a tearful invocation given by Mrs. Kathy Rigney. Then the flower offering couple Rev. and Mrs. Kone, from East Africa Regional Secretary General.

Afterwards, there were three (3) main addresses:

The first address given by Rev. Cho Sung Il, Director General of World Mission Department. He shared the words of True Mother. Reminded the participants of the need to align with words of True Parents.

Second, Thomas G. Walsh spoke about the necessity to collaborate with other organizations in order to establish the nation of CheonIl Guk.

Third, Dr. Yun Young Ho, Secretary General of World Mission Department gave an extensive explanation of the strategies we need to follow in order to build a nation of Cheon Il Guk. He also stressed the need to implement efficiently these strategies in order to establish a substantial nation of Cheon Il Guk.

At the end of the opening ceremony, Rev. Cho Dong Ho, Regional President for West Africa offered the closing remarks and the 3 cheers of Eog Mansei were performed by Rev. Tatsuo Sasaki, Special Envoy for Benin.

In the afternoon, the West Africa Region regional president presented the region activity reports and the strategies to restore the nations by 2020. This was followed by presentations from nations in West Africa Region: Congo DR, Cote d’Ivoire, Angola, Congo Brazzaville, Cameron, Benin and Nigeria.

In the second day of the summit and the first part, the Regional President for East Africa, Rev. Bakary Camara introduced the activities and strategies to restore the nations, in East Africa Region, by 2020. This was followed by presentations of activities and strategies of the Nations East Africa: Zambia, Kenya, South Africa, Uganda, Rwanda, and Mozambique.

In the afternoon of the second day, Mrs. Kathy and Dr. Walsh respectively gave presentations of activities of UPF in Africa and vision of UPF International. Afterwards, Dr. Walsh answered to some questions by the participants.

Mr. Hiroki Tatsuo and Mr. Gwanwook Park, West and East Africa Regional Youth Directors respectively, gave presentations on how to raise future leaders and reported on their activities and their strategies in their respective region. This was followed by a moving testimony of a Korean second generation living in South Africa.

Finally, West and East Africa leaders were organized in groups to discuss the goals for vision 2020 for their respective region.

In the third day, the regional president of East Africa started the day with the Cheon Il Guk anthem that was sang in unison followed by family pledge; the invocation was given by Rev. Park Shang Seong, Special Envoy to Nigeria. This was followed by the offering flower that was given by Rev. and Mrs. Wone, East Africa Region Blessing Department Director. Then the Regional Presidents for East and West Africa, presented the Goals and Vision of their respective Region.

Rev. Cho Sung Il and Dr. Yun Young Ho closed the ALA with encouraging and hopeful remarks for the firm settlement of Cheon IL Guk in Africa

Afterwards, the deputy director of Tunnel Foundation, Mr. Kim Byung Soo shared with the participants the importance of the Peace Road 2017 which will start from Cape Town in South Africa.

The African leaders’ resolution, a call to action, was read by Rev. Jean Pierre Kadima, President FFWU Congo DR. Afterwards there was exchange of gifts and 3 cheers of Eog Mansei conducted by Mr. Park Gwan Wook, East Africa Youth Regional Director.

In the afternoon, the participants, had the opportunity to play soccer in Lusaka Club ground.

The summit was very fruitful according to the reflection of participants, it has come at the right time. The assembly   was an opportunity to exchange experiences and best practices. Each leader wrote a special letter to True Mother to express their gratitude and happiness and their sense of responsibility to restore Africa. It was proposed to organize more of this type of summits in Africa.

3 Responses

  1. William Chimfwembe says:

    Beloved Mother I felt that since 1st up to 3rd April 2017 you have organised in Zambia the ABLE AU has is called Africa Union AU and from this moment I have resolve to look forward allheartedly and proclaim our victorious True Parents and bring back to Heavenly Parent His lost children.

  2. Very Nice and amazing. Everyday I am wondering, why True Mother is spending energy money and everything for the realization of vision 2020. That thought me that, it is not a joke.We should Prepare ourselves, to go on the front line,even though we might die.

  3. So good to see great things happening in Africa. Thank you for all those involved.
    I like to connect with Jean Pierre Kadima, as I have met a very kind and God loving person here in Auckland. From the little I know, there seems to be quite a bit of turmoil in Congo. May God bless you.

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