DR Congo: 7-DAY Divine Principle Seminar


By Jean Tchibanda, FFWPU DRC

We had a 7-day workshop which was organized in the last week of March in Tshopo province with 35 participants, all blessed couples in tribal messiah activities and members of a Christian church.

This time on April 2 to 8, 2017 we had another 7-day workshop in Kinshasa at our headquarters with 50 participants. Among the participants, there were 8 Christian pastors, who have already received the blessing through heavenly tribal messiah workshops.

One of the participants, who is from afar away village located more than 80 km from Kinshasa expressed his heart of gratitude to the True Parents, testifying that after his blessing he was persecuted by the people of his village and that with his participation in the seminary He now has all the necessary elements to carry the True Parents’ blessing of in his village.

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