Dominican Republic: Oh Happy Day


by Natasha Kravchenko, FFWPU Dominican Republic

In preparation for the CARP Eastern Seminar, the FFWPU in Santo Domingo hold the 8th Celebration of “Oh Happy Day” on April 9, 2017. This is a Happy party to welcome new comers, especially those students who comes from CARP daily witnessing program.

This event initiated by Rev. Dae Hee Hong, our special envoy, who devotedly made the great effort to bring new members to our Dominican Unification Family. In this way, “Oh Happy Day” has already become a good tradition for our unification family.

This time ‘Oh! Happy Day!’ festival opened its doors for friends, new guests and everyone who wanted to get to know more about culture of the Unification Movement.

At the opening prayer we invited Heavenly Parent to be in the center of our gathering, and asking for the liberation of the people in all around the world who are suffering in many painful situations such as in Venezuela and Syria.

All the speakers of the day, President of FFWPU-Dominican Republic Mr. Leonidas Belliard, CIG Special Ambassador Rev. Dae Hee Hong, the congresswoman, Ana Mercedes Rodriguez, spoke emphasizing the importance of life centering on eternal values and the culture of mutual respect.

The second part of our event was performing art program. All the performing groups created a very warm and joyful atmosphere by their songs and dance and free speeches. It was an amazing time of heart to heart, so joyful gathering specially for our new guests, who were touched by the culture of heart in this event. At the end, the best performing group received prize for their work.

We express our gratitude to everyone who was able to share this bright Sunday with us, and we hope that the next Happy Day will bring together no fewer inspired participants who want to become part of the Unification Family!

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