Cameroon: Inheriting the Four Holy Items and Special Grace

Prepared by FFWPU Cameroon

The long awaited ceremony finally took place on the 22nd of April 2017. More than 100 members including children participated. It took place at the headquarters, Yaoundé. It was coordinated by the regional Pastor Gwodog Francois and officiated by the National Pastor, Rev Edwin Plekhanov.

The atmosphere was quite tense because members were eager to receive these Holy Items. The atmosphere for this special grace ceremony was prepared by singing two holy songs and the CIG National Anthem. A half bow was offered and the family pledge recited. The MC gave a representative prayer and called upon the National Pastor for the follow up of the program.

He started by giving the importance and significance of each holy item according to the guideline from International Office. He insisted on the Grace by True Parents and the resolutions all members need to do by writing their commitment.

He equally explained the importance of the special grace and the sins wiped out through it. The procedure to be followed to receive this special grace was given and the ground was opened for questions. Only one question was asked by Ernspaul Kamga which was on the usage of the Holy ground. After answering this question, the National Pastor offered a prayer.

The next part of the program was receiving the repentance and resolution for new beginning, the special grace and participation forms. They were shared by the couple of the regional pastor. This confession process took about one and a half hour after which members were asked to sit in family.

The last phase of the program followed with the entry of the Mvodo couple who offered flowers to True Parents under the members’ ovation.

The members were asked to sit according to families in order to offer the repentance and new resolution, special grace and participation forms on the altar as It had to be done in family.

Each family was called according to the year of blessing that is from the oldest to the youngest couple families. They were called and offered a full bow before offering the repentance and participation forms. The same order was followed while receiving the holy wine and Holy Items except for the full bow.

To conclude the program, the National Pastor asked each family to form a circle and hold their hands for to receive True Parents prayer.

33 families could receive the Holy Items.

To finalize everything, he called Mr. Asong Stephen to offer three cheers of Eog Mansei. This was done with a lot of enthusiasm and joy. At the end, a family picture was taken as the icing on the cake.

One of participants said that it is a time of clear liberation and a new start for him and his family. And he is grateful to Heavenly Parent and True Parents for this great opportunity.

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