Austria: Divine Principle Workshop

By Elisabeth Cook, FFWPU Austria

On April 1st, 2017 a 1-day Divine Principle workshop was held in Seebenstein, Austria. Guests were invited from the Providential Organizations FFWPU, WFWP and UPF.

They could learn about the Ideal, the Fall and the Blessing, including a testimony about the life of a Blessed family:

A child experiences the love of the parents as the most valuable, a young grown up cherishes the love of his/her spouse the most. When children are born, the couple experiences an even deeper love: the love of parents towards their child. The most precious love is one step further: the love of grandparents towards their grandchildren.

A guest speaker from WFWP gave a lecture on human dignity, introducing the life of Janusz Korczak, the famous Polish medical doctor, children’s book author and pedagogogue. Her lecture was appreciated by everyone.

During the morning lectures we scheduled time for discussions in smaller groups which gave every participant the opportunity to share his/her observations of the lectures and their personal life experiences.

16 guests attended. Some of them were young, in their twenties, some were over sixty. Despite the age differences all of them could enjoy the day together, reflecting about God’s truth and enjoying a beautiful spring day in a beautiful environment.

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