Asian Leadership Conference (ALC)


By Ursula McLackland, UPF Asia

The latest ALC was held at the Dusit Princess Hotel in Bangkok from March 24-27, 2017 with 23 participants from 6 nations, including 2 Members of the State Parliament in Myanmar and the Deputy Director of International Relations in the National Assembly of Cambodia [Cambodia: 12, Myanmar: 4, Indonesia: 2, Malaysia: 2, Thailand: 2, Philippines: 1]

All participants uniformly praised the content of all the presentations as being very practical and applicable in their nation. As always, the highlight is the UPF Asia Chairman Dr. Chung Sik Yong’s in-depth explanation about the ‘Attributes of True Love’ and how to become a peace maker. Dr. Robert S. Kittel and Mrs. Ursula McLackland shared the principles of peace and nation-building based on family values.

Mr. Bin Vicheth, President of Tourism Association of Battambang, sincerely asked UPF to come to his country and solve the problems in their families, society and nation. He said “we fully support this program 100% and 120%.”

Mr. Khlang Oudam, Deputy Director of International Relations Department, National Assembly of Cambodia, said Dr. Kittel was right when he said in his Opening Presentation that this will be the most important seminar you ever attended: “I attended many international seminars before but never one like this. These teachings can help build better families and societies because they are logical and universal with the focus on nation-building and peace.”

Mrs. Nu Nu Tin Ko from the Myanmar Institute of Gender Studies, said in her reflections: “This seminar gave me new ideas and new strength. I understand the universal principle that without divine love there is no true love. True Love is give more and more and more, not to take more and more and more. I will share this marriage education with my community.”

Mrs. Muthiah Umar, Lecturer of Aisyiyah Women’s Organization in West Jawa, Indonesia exclaimed: “Amazing moment for me! The topic on Marriage and Family is very close to our movement. The Hadith says that parents attain heaven if they can guide their children to keep purity until marriage. We should spread these values to larger and larger communities in a massive movement.”

Dr. Jaturong Pengnorapat, medical doctor and former Member of Parliament, Thailand, confirmed that this was the best seminar and that keeping purity before marriage and fidelity in marriage are the best way to prevent AIDS, teen pregnancy and abortion. He promised to practice this principle in his life and spread this message throughout his province.

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