Argentina: International Women’s Day 2017


Prepared by WFWP and UPF Argenitna

On March 16, UPF and WFWP Argentina celebrated the International Women’s Day by acknowledging representatives from different areas for their values. The event was held at Alhambra Hall from Club Español (Buenos Aires). We shared an extract from messages of Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, founder of WFWP and UPF Argentina. People shared some words, we read an extract from UN’s message for the date, and there were artistic performances, a toast, and lunch.

The Power of Love

The acknowledged women were Silvia Martinic, Patricia Karina Pitaluga, Gabriela Pozzi, Sandra Fabiana Valla, Silvia Gabriela Vázquez, and Emilia De Luca (1), whose award was received by Alba Rosa Contardo. Each one of them shared some words after receiving their award: a framed diploma, the Autobiography “As a Peace-Loving Global Citizen” and the Anthology “La paz como cuidado de la Creación” (Peace as the Protection of the Creation), which contains the selected and winning poems of the 8th International Poetry Contest organized by UPF Argentina.

Carlos Varga, president of the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification in Argentina, reaffirmed the role of women during the toast. He showed gratitude to his grandmother and his mother, to his wife and his five daughters. “The time has come for the power of love to lead these years and this era. For this, we must give women a place,” Carlos Varga said at the end of his brief message.

Two people delivered a speech: Miguel Werner, Secretary-General of UPF Argentina; and Rosetta Conti de Castellón, President of WFWP Argentina. She also shared an extract of messages from Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, Founder of WFWP International and UPF International.

Planet 50-50 in 2030

The event started with the welcoming words of the emcee Prof. Gloria Miranda de Dantas. Afterwards, the Ambassador for Peace Luis Emilio Acuña read an extract of the UN message, whose theme was “Women in the Changing World of Work: Planet 50-50 in 2030.”

There were many artistic performances. The first group was “El Triunfo” from Ezeiza, Buenos Aires, and they cheered the guests with their dances. This group was directed by Prof. Silvia Olguín, who not only shares her technical knowledge and experience to her students, but also her social sensitivity and her deep love for public service. This way, she provides an opportunity to include children and teenagers from vulnerable sectors and makes them the protagonists of their skills.

At the end, the melodic singer Gabriela Pozzi, one of the acknowledged women in this event, performed with enthusiasm “Celebra la vida” and “Gracias a la vida.” Meanwhile, the poet Alba Rosa Contardo, Pastor of the World Summit of Miracles Ministry and member of the Local and Global Peace Council of UPF, read the poem “Mujeres buscando la paz” (2) written especially for this celebration.

The event included representatives from different civil society organizations and religious leaders, such as the Swami Pareshananda, from the Ramakrishna Order in Argentina. For the occasion, we received many messages and support from the World Union of Writers for Culture, Ecology, and Peace (UMECEP); the Argentinian School of Yoga and Ayurveda, and the “Mundo Integrado” Foundation – “Working for peace through service.”

Acknowledged women

Emilia De Luca: “For her vocation service as a pastor, a teacher and a mother, establishing an exemplary family. For sharing her wisdom on the Word in her ministry, also through radio and television, and for her educational projects and solidary initiatives. In Gualeguaychú (Entre Ríos), she founded a lunchroom for children in need; now it has become a primary school and a high school.”

Silvia Martinic: “For her volunteer work to help those in need: from solidary support in psychiatric hospitals in Buenos Aires to the contribution of basic resources to native peoples from Chaco and Formosa. President of the NGO “Proyectos Solidarios” (Solidary Projects), working with a group of people who are inspired by her belief in people’s goodness.”

Patricia Karina Pitaluga: “For her job as the Director of ‘Acercando Naciones’ (Bringing Nations Together), “A meeting point between diplomacy, cultures, and business.” For applying her great experience in communication strategies to promote mutual understanding, solidarity and bonds of trust between the public service and private service, especially in the area of government relations and public affairs.”

Gabriela Pozzi: “For transmitting the joy of life through different artistic productions and through her sophisticated voice. For overcoming very difficult challenges through faith and for transforming suffering into positive energy that is conveyed in her songs, showing everyone her love for life.”

Sandra Fabiana Valla: “For her extensive experience in the formation of human resources for investigation, technological development and artistic creation. For teaching her students not only to be good professionals, but to also serve the common good with their skills. For the social commitment that involves humanitarian actions for those in need. She is a teacher at the National University of Technology (Regional Faculty Tucumán).”

Silvia Gabriela Vázquez: “For her job as the Director of the Interdisciplinary Undergraduate Course on Social Responsibility and Resilience at the Private University UdeMM. For supporting and collaborating in initiatives for solidarity and common good in different entities. For her job as teacher and writer, whose poems and tales for peace were published in many American and European countries.”

Here is an extract from one of the many messages we received (by poest and teacher María Irene Giurlani, Peace Ambassador of UPF Argentina):

“We can give birth to a new humanity, a more fraternal and luminous humanity. However, this dream will only come true if we nurture the divine spark of a loving embrace that is provided in the family, and if we extend our conscience by embracing the community and becoming a universal family.”

“Yes, women have to keep moving forward… When we synchronize our steps with those of men, centered on Love, and when we fully develop our enormous creative potential, we will illuminate the world.”



A Poem (in Spanish)

Mujeres buscando la paz

Un pétalo de rosa

Cayó sobre mi almohada

No quería moverme

Para que no escapara

Era un sueño dormido

Que me encendía el alma

Pensando en las mujeres

Que la paz esperaban

El año es diferente

Es un año de escalas

De superar riesgos

De tocar la montaña

Un año de renuevo

De caminar descalzas

De la gran libertad

Así, como Dios, manda

Victoriosas activas

Mujeres con agallas

Cada una en su puesto

Librando mil batallas

Mujeres de valor

De carácter y audacia

Mujeres que sembraron

La tierra con sus lágrimas

Mujeres con Amor

Que es la mejor arma

Logrando armonía

Con cantos de esperanza

Mujeres con historia

Con metas alcanzadas

Con grandes desafíos

Y tormentas del alma

Madres, esposas, hijas

Con coronas doradas

Unidas en la lucha

Por la Paz, alcanzarla

Con el perfecto Amor

Restaurando las almas

Recibiendo el tesoro

De la Paz, tan amada

Estamos de pie, unidas

Fronteras derribadas

En victoria, celebrando

Con la Paz, en nuestras almas.


Alba Contardo

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