Albania: Charity and Raising Awareness


by Ajet Bosi, CARP Elbasan

In cooperation with Cërrik City Hall and the support of a teacher, Erald Shkodrani, we were able to organized a friendly match between CARP Albania and K.F Turbina Cërrik, on March 21, 2017 in Cërrik.

The purpose of this match was to generate incomes to support families in need, mostly in Cërrik and the nearby villages. On the day the match took place, there were 200 participants, including the mayor, Mr. Altin Toska. The friendly match finished with the result of 3-2 having Turbina’s team win the match, however, giving everyone a feeling of happiness for being able to participate in this event with the purpose of raising awareness to people in need. They expressed their desire to have such activities more often.

Also, CARP Elbasan with representatives from the Cërrik City Hall delivered on March 24, 2017 support for 6 families (which included some food, clothes and a symbolic amount of money). We all felt happy for being able to do this and we hope that more people can be aware of others’ needs and willingly participate in serving and helping others.

We are grateful to all the participants who were part of this event. We are grateful to Heavenly Parent and True Parents for having the opportunity to organize this kind of activities, and at the same time understand what is most important.

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