Albania: 5-Day Divine Principle Workshop

Prepared by FFWPU Albania

As always, Divine Principle Workshops are a way to regenerate the spirit, not only for for the ones who receive it for the first time, but also for the members who already know the content. We held our workshop this time with the subject “AS A GLOBAL PEACE CITIZEN” in our training center in Mullet from 22nd to 26th of March, 2017.

This workshop was coordinated by Majlinda Matraku (New Tirana Center leader), in collaboration with workshops’ MCs Arnold Grami, Anila Muçaj and Marsida Sina, they took care of everything during the workshop.

The first part of our workshop, focused on Divine Principle lectures and make sure that the participants understand the content. The lectures were given by Arjan Haziraj, Lubin Argjir, Majlinda Matraku as a experienced lecturers and two members who gave lectures for the first time in a workshop like this (Arnold Grami and Marsida Sina.)

Every morning we shared inspirational messages, starting with the visit of FFWPU European Regioanl President, Rev. Jack Corley and the secretary general Mr. Peter Staudinger. After, a very special message was conveyed by the special youth envoy of True Parents, Anila Muçaj. And on the last day of the workshop, Mikaela Lalla shared her heartfelt experiences she had from the time she joined our movement.

The second part of the workshop focused on Second Coming of the Messiah, and our life and actions in relation to that, given by Manjola Vasmatic. This was followed by True Parents teachings given by Rev. Shin and Albanian FFWPU president Mr. Gani Rroshi. These lectures helped all the participants to have a better and deeper understanding.

We also had sessions like “Vision for youth” where everyone could get to know Hoondok reading tradition. In this session we read the content from True Fathers’ autobiography with the same title. “Your talent” was another session where all the participants divided into 4 groups such as music, dance, painting and public speaking. In this part participants shared all their abilities specially in relation to the world of art. After that we had a time for meditation and reflection session in which participants tried to write “A letter to God” and try to think about “How do we think about the Heavenly Kingdom without Human Fall.” In this session everyone experienced a personal relationship with Heavenly Parent and their inner self.

In this workshop we also had members who took the position of a team leader for the first time, something that brought harmony in all the created families. Dedication game made through teams helped joining all together as a big family under love.

In general, in this workshop we had had a very pure and good atmosphere, which brought all the participants together in harmony. The participants felt comfortable with the program and fit naturally with it, they were inspired, happy, curious about the lectures. They had good relationships with their team members and others, respected the rules, did all their cleaning chores, did not sleep late at night and were not noisy at all. It was very natural sharing tradition period with them, and the youth spirit that True Mother emphasizes so much, was so obvious.

The sports festival and camping night filled all training center with joy and liberated all the negative energy that we had.


New guests from Tirana:

  • “I really felt like seeing God talking, especially in some specific moments during the lectures. I am not sure, but this workshop filled me and all my concepts in my head are gone. Another key point was the reflecting. I really felt so close to God. I knew that I needed this workshop and I do not know why I received more answers that the previous times.”
  • “I confirm that the workshop this time (March 26) was not just a simple notification, that I just hear now and forget tomorrow, but clearly it was the truth that I needed.”

A participants from Vlora: “I had so much shivering experiences from the meditation sessions that I never thought that I could have. God’s love is always shines within us, we just do not know how to feel it. I experienced so much from this love, an experience that I never had before. God is love!!! God is great!!”

A participant from Kosovo: “This workshop was as a fresh air in the summer, or like the sun in winter’s sky. I cannot describe how happy I am now.”

Participants from Fier:

  • “As I participate in many more workshops, I understand more and more that I cannot forget or let any body to take it away from me. As I understand the Divine Principle deeper I understand these lectures are not just stories. It is a great opportunity for us to receive great teachings.
  • “This place is paradise, where there is no evil, a place where only goodness can win! I can see clearly now. And I have new idea for my life! Also I am very happy because I got to know some great people that gave me so much love, happiness etc.”
  • “Here is the place where I learned to be happy. Here I felt God’s presence so close and I was happy with Him. Being with these people made me believe that there is love, because a pure love cannot be shrieked, but stays there, everywhere within our hearts. Thank you for believing, the truthfulness of the words transmitted.”

Participants from Tirana:

  • “This workshop was one of the most beautiful experiences of my life, not only because I had fun, but because it felt like home. From the very beginning I could feel love, the kind of love that only comes from a pure heart, the heart that believes on God’s goodness.”
  • “I appreciate what I have learned about True Parents, and I was so moved when I heard how much God and True Parents suffered. I will not forget that. I am so grateful to FFWPU and I will do my best to be separated from evil and become one of God’s children.”
  • “Now, I want to become what God wants me to be, but there is another force that opposes this will. But when we fulfill our portion of responsibility, then we will eliminate this opposing force forever.”

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