Zimbabwe: Character Education for the Youth

by Bosako Iyolangomo, FFWPU Zimbabwe

On 20th of March 2017, we held an character education program for the youth at our Peace Embassy. We had 19 participants and they had many questions which leads to an introduction of to Divine Principle.

Some of the participants showed interest in becoming a Character Education teacher so they asked for more education programs. And they want to have a 2-day Divine Principle workshop as well.

The national coordinator of Zimbabwe Scout association was also among the participant this time. He particularly wants many children to receive character education as well as Divine Principle lectures during Easter Holiday.

That is why we are going to have 2-day and 7-day workshop soon. These programs will help the young people in Zimbabwe to know about True Parents and their teaching. As Scout association of Zimbabwe is dealing with many young people in every corner of Zimbabwe.

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