Zambia: 21-day Divine Principle Workshop

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Prepared by FFWPU Zambia

41 youths from 8 districts of Zambia are taking part in a 21-Day workshop that started on March 9 and will finish on March 29, 2017. Most of them had taken part in a 7-Day workshop and/or 10-Day workshop that was organized earlier in November 2016 and have been receiving a training in the youth centers in preparation for this workshop.

The opening ceremony took place on March 9 at 9:00 AM with the presence of Rev. Bakary Camara, Regional President of FFWPU East Africa, the Regional Director of Blessed Family Department, Rev. Abdoulaye Wone, the Regional Director of Youth and Students Department, Rev. Gwan Wook Park, the National Leader of Zambia, Rev. Rudolf Faerber and the Youth Missionary for Zambia, Mr. Naotaka Sakamoto, UP Graduate University Cadet Intern assigned to Zambia.

After a few songs and prayer, the MC, Rev. David Isaac Phiri introduced the different delegations from 9 Districts: Mpika (3 participants), Chipata (7 participants), Mansa (10 participants), Choma (7 participants), Monze (1 participant), Rufunsa (3 participants), Sinda (2 participants), Luangwa (2 participants), Lusaka (6 participants). He then proceeded by inviting Rev. Jean Augustin Ghomsi, Regional Director for Witnessing and Education and workshop manager, who thanked the Heavenly Parents and True Parents for the solemn occasion and the opportunity to look after the future of Zambia. Rev. Ghomsi thanked Rev. Camara for his leadership and his inspiration behind the youth missionaries which has kept their promise to True Mother alive. He welcomed all the participants and encouraged them to do their best to follow the program. He promised to help them have the best workshop experience. He introduced the other leaders present one by one and each said few words to the participants.

Rev. Camara on his part wished the participants all the best in their quest for the new truth. He said, “You represent the hope of Zambia. 80% of Zambians are young people and among them you have been chosen to be here.” congratulated the youth missionaries for their offering and their support during the workshop. He said, although his schedule will be quite tight, he will be coming as often as possible to see them.

This 21-Day workshop being a leadership workshop is meant to prepare them to become youth missionaries. At the end all those most suited will be selected and sent 3 by 3 to the different centers to replace most of the 16 current youth missionaries who have done their one year mobilization and are going to University. Those studying in Zambia will join CARP and work in their respective campus.

Their faith in God and True Parents is being strengthen every day. Many came with doubts about True Parents and about the genuineness of our faith as they were told that we were Satanists. So far the response is great. Among the 41 participants, 30 have expressed their wish to become youth missionaries. We are going to start soon introducing the Blessing as all of them are looking forward to it. This is the fruit of the one year work of the 16 youth missionaries. Their promise made to True Mother is still fresh in their memory and heart!

Before coming to Lusaka with these 41 new youths the current youth missionaries organized five 7-Day workshops in Choma (11 participants), Mansa (23 participants), Chipata (8 participants), Rufunsa (7 participants) and Mpika (10 participants), altogether 58 participants, from February 25 to March 3, 2017. Most of them signed to become members.


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