You Will See Miracles Happen

This Blessing Ceremony, held in Padova in 2015, was followed by another one in 2016



By Angelo Chirulli

Church leader in the city of Padova (Padua), Italy

The following testimony was originally the main content of a letter that Rev. Chirulli wrote to encourage church members in Padova last year.


I have a motor neuron disease that is slowly compromising my nerves and muscles. It is a progressive disease. It began from my fingers, and now my left arm is paralyzed. I am 59 years old. The only and last time I was in hospital was at the age of five.

When I first learned about my condition, it seemed as if the world had collapsed upon me. My first thought was, “I will close my newspaper kiosk and just focus on myself, and not do anything.” I thought to myself, “Heavenly Parent, you are also abandoning me….” But I went to pray at the holy ground in Prato della Valle in Padova. I talked with God, putting myself in His hands so that He could decide about my life.

I found much serenity and peace in my heart.

Back at home, I lay down on my bed, and dozed. Between sleeping and dozing I saw True Mother. She was holding me in her arms, and I was a small child. She was caressing me and smiling. I felt so much love from her. A little further away, I saw True Father standing and smiling at me.

Immediately afterward, in my half sleep, Rev. Won-pil Kim, with whom I was very close in the past [when Rev. Kim was leading the Home Church providence in the UK in 1978], appeared. He asked me if I could remember the name he called me by when we were working with True Father in England, when we had brought a lot of good witnessing results.

I answered him, “Yes, you called me ‘Tiger.’”

“That’s right!” said Rev. Kim. Then he said to me, “You have to be like a tiger for God and True Parents, and for your family, for the providence, and you can overcome everything.”

And so after this, I spoke with my family, with our national leader and his wife, and with other members, and with some of my spiritual children. I decided to remain on the front line. I began treating my disease with natural remedies.

Lately God has been blessing the city of Padova. We had national and local level Blessing ceremonies here. All of this began with the witnessing work based from our newspaper kiosk. Speaking with people who came to the kiosk, I have given away 800 copies of Father’s autobiography. Some families in Padova have also succeeded in giving away 430 copies. All of this is thanks to the prayers of brothers and sisters, and of our young people.

To the members in Padova: If we have faith, everything is possible. I am saying this because of my personal experience now. We can move God’s heart and our own hearts will be moved. And the Holy Spirit will come down. Faith is within each of us but it can be converted into reality if we are united in heart, as we were when we did the Peace Road together last year.

I encourage you to make a list of the couples, among parents and friends, whom already know us. Please talk to them about the beauty of the Blessing, invite them and keep praying for them, and you will see miracles happen. Because if we commit ourselves for God, the angels and our ancestors can do the rest.

Think about True Mother on earth and True Father in the spirit world. They are a heavenly power, united in love; we have the union of heaven and earth. This is a wonderful thing.

Thank you with all my heart. Because you are my family, I am praying for all of you. Thank you for your affection and love. I send a big hug.

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  1. Thank you so much for your testimony.

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