Visiting Communities in Italy

By Giuseppe Cali, FFWPU Italy

From March 13th to 17th, European FFWPU President Jack Corley together with Peter Staudingen, the European secretary general, visited some communities in Italy. It was a quick passage on the way to Greece and Albania, but it was a good chance to meet some families and members of Milano, Rome and Napoli communities, especially young members of the 2nd generation.

He showed slides of the recent European leaders meeting in Praha and explained about its program and amazing good atmosphere, but mainly members could share a lot about public and personal issues.

They could also participate in the WFWP conference in a Hall of the Italian Parliament, that was very successful. The report of this incredible event will be sent by the Italian WFWP and I’d like to testify about another aspect now: to me and my wife, the time spent with them was very good and beneficial and I’m going to explain why.

As providential leaders, we are all constantly and intensively busy with many activities. Especially in this last two years, the Providence is accelerating a lot and we are running everywhere to fulfill our responsibilities: from pastoral care, to organizing church activities, from contacting VIPs and following them up, to giving public speeches in institutions, from tribal messiah’s activity to teaching Divine Principle and lectures in seminaries in Italy and Europe. All this, while we give Sunday sermon every week and take care of our family of four children, with the last one of them being just 12 years old.

This is the normal life of any Unification leader, so not so much time for sharing and cultivating free and deep relationships.

This time it was different and we appreciated it a lot. Even though we could not help but ending up often in speaking about providential issues (we can’t avoid it, since it is our life!), we could quietly share a lot about our own feelings and hopes. While walking on a lakeshore, while eating an ice-cream, while eating meals in our home, we could deepen our reciprocal understanding and strengthen our relationship. I personally realized that sometime we need to take time for sharing deeply as brothers and sisters. I meet often members that want to speak to me and I listen to them, but always from the perspective that I should help them, take care of their issues and guide them to serve the providence. It’s not a free talking, at least from my side.

I love members, I pray for them and care about them, but in some way, they are “my mission”. I really miss an open, free, honest conversation as the one we had this time.

I must say, anyway, that not always this is possible. In this case, with Rev. Jack Corley and Peter Staudingen, we share the same life, same sacrifices, same basic understanding, same commitment, that’s why it was easy to go deeper in our sharing. When there is a noticeable difference in standard and commitment, it is not easy to get so deep in opening our hearts. Happened some time that I was misunderstood because I tried to speak openly from my heart. I had to learn to painfully restrain myself most of the times from doing it.

I really realized, thanks to this experience, a little more about the nature of the Cheon Il Guk: it is a place where two become one, through one heart, one vision and deep, open and free communication.

In conclusion, an apparently informal meeting, with no special aims or activities, turned out to be spiritually and emotionally refreshing for me and my wife and I have to thank these two precious elder brothers that suddenly came to visit us in Italy, out of any program or prepared schedule. I believe that they enjoyed it too in the same way we did.

Of course, we have always say thank you to True Parents that gave us this incredible life, because without them we could never experience how beautiful it is to be here in this time!

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