USA: True Love Seminar Brings Together Students Old and New

Prepared by FFWPU USA

On March 3, four participants gathered at the International Peace Education Center (IPEC) in Las Vegas to attend the latest of Rev. Andrew Compton’s True Love Divine Principle seminars. The weekend proved to be a meaningful experience for both old and new students of the Divine Principle. Melisha, someone learning about the Divine Principle for the first time, proved a great asset to the group thanks to her fresh perspective. “She had lots of questions… and left very excited,” commented Rev. Compton.

Others were grateful for the cozy, tight-knit atmosphere of the seminar. “Because there were only four participants there was ample time for questions and reflections,” says Bruce Sutchar, a Chicago participant who came eager for one-on-one time with Rev. Compton, a renowned lecturer.

Rev. Compton recommends that those who enjoyed the True Love Divine Principle Seminar but still have questions come back to attend its seven-day companion seminar, also offered monthly at IPEC.

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