USA: Sincere Searching Creates a Path to the IPEC Seminar


Prepared by FFWPU USA

A seven-day Divine Principle seminar recently concluded at the International Peace Education Center (IPEC) in Las Vegas. From February 22 to 28, 2017, six guests listened to the tenets of Unificationism presented by Rev. Andrew Compton, a renowned lecturer of Divine Principle.

The most notable guest was a young Texan who works in the oil industry. His only previous experience with the Divine Principle was a passing comment made by a young Unificationist who told him that she “liked to read it” sometimes. With this information, he searched online for the Divine Principle and read it himself. The insights and inspiration that he found were so moving that he registered for the seven-day seminar at IPEC without hesitation.

The young guest was not disappointed by his choice. “From the beginning to the end [of the seminar], he was the most enthusiastic participant,” Rev. Compton reported. “This demonstrated to me that the Divine Principle has power, and we just need to get it out to those people who are asking the right questions. Heaven can work!” he said.

Others who attended the seminar, like Sayaka Imamura, a second-generation Unificationist from New Jersey, expressed gratitude for the small workshop size and the opportunity to gain new realizations about prayer; while her brother Atsuki also expressed a desire for more advanced education and training. KEA Pastor Jin Hyung Lee of Dallas commented at the close of the seminar, “This seminar has encouraged me to start attending Divine Principle seminars again. I think that Divine Principle gives new life to everybody….Now I want to do pastoral work more sincerely, pray more, study more, and give true love to others.”


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