USA: Sense of Springtime Strong at the National Ministry Meeting


by FFWPU USA, Mi Young Eaton

There was a distinct sense of springtime in the air at this month’s National Ministry Team progress meeting, with both presenters and audience members from among our national leadership expressing enthusiasm about the opportunities opening before us.

Apple Heaven USA led the opening songs for the event, while FFWPU USA Vice President Mari Curry served as emcee. Women’s Federation for World Peace (WFWP) USA President Angelika Selle was invited to offer the opening prayer, and FFWPU USA President Dr. Michael Balcomb read a brief Hoon Dok (scripture) passage honoring the 98th anniversary of the March First Movement for Korean independence

“I was born in the first lunar month of 1920, during the year after the March 1st Movement began. Why was this significant? The Returning Lord must be born in a nation that God can claim, even if He can claim it only conditionally. If the Returning Lord were to be born and come to a nation that had not established such a condition, it would be as if he were floating in the air, without solid ground on which to stand. That is why God led the March 1st Movement. So much blood was shed just for one person–me–to come to earth. That is why the Korean people suffered so much in 1919, both from famine due to a poor harvest and from the loss of life through this heroic but tragic movement. It is based on such indemnity conditions that God’s providence has been advancing.” —Chambumo Gyeong, Book 2, Chapter 1

Reflecting on the historic intersection of True Father’s birth and the March First Movement’s struggle for independence, Dr. Balcomb shared, “As I was reflecting on that in prayer yesterday, the image came to me of the slaughter of the innocents in Jerusalem around the time of the birth of Jesus Christ; you know the story of how Herod tried to destroy the king of the Jews, the one who would save the world decided to kill everybody who might even possibly be a candidate. Of course before that there was the birth of John the Baptist, another sign that the last days had come. And I think it’s very important that everyday, but maybe particularly today, to remember this fundamental teaching of the Divine Principle at True Parents, that these are the last days; this is the time that God had settled in His Providence to build the Kingdom of God on Earth….

“So what I want to say to you this morning, my message from being with True Mother in the last month, is we must unite with absolute conviction. This is the time of God’s anointing. These three years until 2020 are the time when God intends to build His Kingdom to restore nations, to bring about the kingdom of peace. And his question for us is: Do I believe that? Am I convinced that I was born for this hour?”

Dr. Ki Hoon Kim, Continental Director for FFWPU in North America, began his remarks by sharing a video clip of Archbishop George Augustus Stalling’s impassioned introduction of True Mother at the 21st True Family Values Awards Banquet in Brooklyn last December, a moment of testifying to True Parents that he was very moved by.

“I felt that he invested all his energy into those seven minutes, and he’s still alive. He spent and invested everything in that moment to introduce the Second Coming of the Messiah, not just to introduce Mother.” –Dr. Kim

Dr. Kim’s essential message to those present and to the wider American movement this month is that there is no need to be afraid. Dr. Kim hopes to see us move even God to action through sincerity and prayer as the grounds of our investment in and service of others. He also commended Pastors Mark and Edna Abernathy, board members of the American Clergy Leadership Conference (ACLC), who recently completed the Tribal Messiahship goal of officiating the Marriage Blessing ceremony for 430 couples.

“Your investment, your sincere dedication, is invaluable. Always God can utilize whatever you invest in. Because of your investment we are here today. You know America dramatically changed in the last four years and we are independent from any financial support from Japan or True Parents…. So I am ready. We should be ready to support others as True Parents did. True Father’s life motto was “living for the sake of others.” With this spirit we can move forward, centering on our tribal messiah and blessing activities.” Read More