USA: Kodiak Hosts “We Can Do It” Sampler


Prepared By FFWPU USA

A one-day “We Can Do It” sampler seminar was held in Kodiak, Alaska, on Saturday, March 11, 2017. Rev. Inchan Park, the district pastor of District 10 (Northwest), led the innovative program together with Kodiak Family Church Pastor Deanna Cooper at the local church, which is known as “Angel Garden.”

Fifteen community members participated in the program using the Tribal Messiah Handbook that was created by the Department of Evangelism at Family Federation (FFWPU) USA.

Rev. Park said in his opening remarks: “This is the time for you to reflect on your own life and not worry about your other responsibilities for the time being. Through this seminar I hope you can gain a fresh perspective about the significance of Tribal Messiahship.”

The one-day seminar was shorter than the regular “We Can Do It” program that has been held around the United States, but it still gave the community a taste of this approach to Tribal Messiahship and encouraged them to become active tribal messiahs. Rev. Park had flown to Kodiak on Friday especially for the purpose of presenting the seminar. “Kodiak is unique in that it is an island and traveling to the ‘Lower 48’ is quite costly,” Pastor Deanna said.

During the seminar, the participants had a chance to reflect on how they joined the movement and how they felt when they participated in the Marriage Blessing Ceremony, one of life’s most precious moments. Remembering those experiences was powerful, one member said.

Answering the suggested questions helped the participants form personal testimonies. Each person revealed to the group what he or she had written. “We not only felt personally inspired, but our stories touched others,” Pastor Deanna said. “There was time to think about our lifelong passions and how to connect them to our tribal messiah activities,” she added.

Participant Masako Whitmore said: “We learned so many things, especially how much we received from True Parents through the Marriage Blessing and understanding Divine Principle. Our hearts have been changed by True Parents. Now I want to share this gratitude and happiness with our neighbors and our society.”

Pastor Deanna said: “We were really given food for thought. I feel like it has given us a new hope, realistically. We got exactly what we needed.”

The mother of three young children, Robin Fiala-Kiely said: “I like the materials. Those are important questions for people to ask about their life and faith. It’s good to know, good to reflect.”

“I felt the seminar to be refreshing, and I really enjoyed the give-and-take it stimulated with all the different participants,” said longtime Unificationist David Cooper. “Because people enjoyed it, I think it has been very effective for everyone.”

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