USA: ACLC Seminar Inspires Clergy to Jump into the Will of God


by Susan Munsell, ACLC Los Angeles, and Kay Yamaguchi, ACLC Las Vegas

“Jumping with Both Feet into the Will of God” was the title of a two-day Divine Principle seminar held by the American Clergy Leadership Conference (ACLC) at the International Peace Education Center (IPEC) in Las Vegas.

The 12 members of the clergy who attended the seminar on March 13 and 14, 2017 gained revealing biblical insights about God’s formula to redeem humankind. Many were deeply moved and eager to learn more.

Archbishop George A. Stallings, Jr., the national co-chair of ACLC, and Rev. Dan Stein, director of ACLC Biblical Family Life, gave original and exciting Divine Principle presentations, which were followed by roundtable discussions. Archbishop Stallings presented a lecture combining the topics of the Principle of Creation and the Human Fall, impacting the group with the stark contrast of God’s hope for a true family and the destruction of the first family.

Rev. Stein taught a passionate history of the restoration of the family, showing that all the elements of family dysfunction were evident in the chosen biblical families whom God attempted to restore. The ministers could see the relevance of the Divine Principle formula even in today’s families and the need to bring this understanding to their congregations.

All lectures led to the conclusion that the change of lineage through the Marriage Blessing is the answer for healing families today and, further, that the Christian church is in the position to make that happen. As Pastor Raymond Giddens of the Unity Baptist Church in Las Vegas succinctly stated, “Because of human failure of responsibility, restoration history was prolonged.”

Rev. Grover Durham, the founder of the Good Citizen Deeds Foundation and a chaplain on the Crisis Response Team in Los Angeles, remarked: “The presenters were outstanding. This type of presentation on the Word of God truly causes you to leave different than when you came. The information is so very helpful, especially with reference to challenging our congregations in a new way to regenerate their interest!”

Rev. Dr. Yvonne C.M. Benson of Las Vegas stated: “We enjoyed receiving the wisdom and knowledge of Archbishop George Augustus Stallings. Rev. Moon says in his book on page 731, ‘The ability to teach is a gift from God, and teachers are in a sense partners with God the divine Teacher.’ We truly felt God’s anointing in Archbishop George Augustus Stallings as he shared the word of God.”

Another participant, Sweet Alice Harris, the founder and executive director of the Los Angeles group Parents of Watts, enthusiastically commented: “By ‘jumping in with both feet’ we are heeding Jesus’ warning in Matthew 6:24. We cannot serve two masters! We have to jump in with both feet! God wants our all!”

Dr. Nicholas Benson, the Los Angeles ACLC co-chair and pastor of the First Summit Evangelical Church, commented: “The seminar was well organized, and the presenters did a superb job! The spirit was high and the morale was high! ACLC is displaying a deep sense of unity and clear focus on the message!”

Chaplain Hudson W. Griffith of Las Vegas stated: “Thanks for the invitation to the two-day seminar after my absence of over a year. It was extremely refreshing, and the speakers proved their knowledge on the subjects they spoke on. … I am looking forward to the next occasion you are hosting a seminar; please do let me know early, so I can plan to attend.”

Rev. Dan Stein summed up his insights: “The transformation to receiving the True Parents in one’s heart does not occur in an instant. For most people this happens over a period of years; over time they find their faith. In the same way, when the ministers hear Divine Principle for the first time, it’s interesting; the second time it goes deeper; the third time is transformative. Their reflections testify to transformation.”

Kay Yamaguchi, the ACLC coordinator for Las Vegas, promised that she will keep in contact with all the participants and make sure that they are invited to future programs.

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