Uganda: For Our Common Home


Prepared By CARP Uganda

We held a one-day conference on Climate change under the theme “For our common Home” on March 26, 2017.

We had 58 participants including students from Kampala international university, International University of East Africa, Kyambogo University, Makerere University, a journalist from Uganda Radio network, plus two professors, from Kampala University and International university of East Africa.

We planned this seminar so that CARP members can become people who can bring a better understanding in their communities and interact with many more people in our society. We choose this topic (Climate change) because human life environment is one of the important topic in most of the university here.

Program kicked off with an opening prayer by a Muslim student, followed by opening remarks by Mr. Paul Mukasa, president of CARP Uganda who asked them to take seriously their time in the seminar as most useful time to make history.

We had a short video presentation of SunHak peace prize award to President Tong, with impact of climate changes in the sea level rises. After that we had the Keynote address by Prof. Akiki of Kampala University. He talked about his reflections from the International Presidents of FFWPU International’s keynote address which was given during ILC 2016 about Climate changes.

After Prof, Akiiki’s address, Prof, Pious Nina gave a presentation on effects of GMO and climate change challenges.

Mr. Gwaku David gave a report, reflecting on the impacts of climate change on our God given Earth, our responsibility to manage, what went wrong with our character, our relationships and now our environment (3 great blessing). He asked for causes of control of man who now has become a problem, but that to correct him we need to understand him properly before, which again requires the designer of man’s intervention. He finally invited participants to undertake God’s plain language explanations of how to live well through study of the Divine Principle and participants all agreed to attend when planned.

After the lunch we had group discussion. The journalist from Uganda Radio Network Mr. Davidson Ndyabahika Rutagatsa was impressed with the presentations and asked for interviews with both Mr. Gwaku and Prof. Pius Nana.

During the discussion most participants were not in favor of GMOs as alternative to intervene in the poor yields, but suggested other ways plus projects to be used to assist communities adapt to climate changes as sensitization is carried out.

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