Uganda: Character Education Programs

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By YFWP Uganda

From March 1st to 4th, 2017, we conducted character education programs and launching of pure love club in different schools in Tororo district near the Uganda and Kenya border.

In total 6 schools received character education and pure love club was launched in 5 schools.

The youth also met the town council leaders. Through our leadership program we were able to give the leaders the vision of the founders of Family Federation for world peace and unification, Universal peace federation and youth federation for world peace. Later they received education on the topic “family as a school of love”

Through this leadership program 3 female leaders pledged to prepare their teenagers for our education programs and join the pure love club.

The chairman was very pleased with the youth team and he pledged to be an ambassador for peace after receiving more education about his responsibility.

These pure love programs are aimed at connecting the far eastern region of Uganda to the True Parents providence.