Uganda: CARP Leaders’ Orientation Seminar


Prepared By CARP Uganda

On March 12, 2017, we held CARP leaders’ orientation seminar at our Peace Embassy to introduce newly elected Kampala University Carp officials to Carp Values, Principles and operation. We had 12 participants including the 8 new executives.

Following the new changes which took place on February 24, 2017 at the university campus, where most office bearers were not given second term, it necessitated the new members most of whom had just been recruited into carp and hadn’t even attended any of our 7-day workshops, there to be given hints on how CARP operates and what is expected of them especially as chapter carp executives. The outgoing executives offered to guide the new ones but also asked National chapter to brief the new ones of their roles, the result of which was today’s seminar.

Mr. Kyalo Ivan, vice president of CARP Uganda, gave lecture on Introduction to CARP values, principles, guidelines and CARP Founders and Vision. And Mr. Gwaku David spoke about CARP leadership.

There was a question and answer session to assess members understanding of CARP related issues, plus Carp administrative matters. This was followed by open discussion of the way forward and drawing of a year plan for their chapter, which included:

  • Increase membership at the University
  • Holding pre-seminars on the weekly basis to brief/interest/recruit new members to carp in preparation for a major seminar.
  • Plan for a 7-day seminar in August for all new members
  • Launching of Married Students’ Association to introduce married students to the blessing plus others who can apply for matching and blessing.
  • Outreaches to teach character education in schools around the University.

The event ended with a closing prayer by chapter secretary.