Uganda: A New Start for CARP Kampala


By Mukasa Paul, CARP Uganda

On 24th, February 24, 2017, we held a meeting for CARP chapter of the Kampala University to oversee the election of new Kampala University chapter executives plus handover by the outgoing executives.

The meeting began by prayer and Hoon dok reading of True Father’s message, “In Search of the Origin of the Universe” by the students.

A lot of questions and answers were handled during the reading. Many students got inspired and touched by the message and even new ones decided to view for offices right away when election process started.

The president of CARP chapter of the Kampala University stated the reason for the gathering, what CARP is/ stands for and how it runs and office bearers at the university plus their tenure.

The president plus other members, especially the president of the Nigerian student’s association in Uganda inspired the participants of the first carp workshop he attended and would wish to advise everyone to be active in CARP, which they themselves wished to, despite holding other cultural offices already at Kampala University. He also outlined the election process and sequence of voting plus posts to be filled.

All office posts were open to all members including new ones. This resulted into new members out competing old ones for the posts and only a few old ones were elected to give guidance as it appeared.

Immediately after the elections, each introduced themselves first and gave a short speech and promised to work in CARP.

After that they recited the pledge together with the president of the CARP chapter of the Kampala University. Then each of them received files from the former office bearers.

It was agreed that since most leaders new to the office, there will need to hold a leaders’ orientation workshop which we will held at the peace embassy soon

The meeting ended with the closing prayer by one of the students and then cheers of Ok Mansei led by Mr. Mukasa Paul.